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Warhammer Total War: New Wood Elf DLC – The Twisted And The Twilight

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Nov 19 2020

It’s Wood Elves vs. Skaven in the newest DLC for Total War: Warhammer II, as the Twisted & The Twilight drops an Old World Update.

A long-awaited new DLC has been officially unveiled for Total War: Warhammer II. The Twisted & The Twilight brings big changes to the Old World coming in just a few short weeks.

On the one side, you have Throt the Unclean, Master Mutator of Clan Moulder, who longs to consume the magic of Arial, Queen of the Wood Elves. Opposing him are the Sisters of Twilight, two elven twins who were magically created from a single being. Two new legendary lords, new units, new heroes, and a massive update for Wood Elves that really changes the game for both of these factions. You can see the trailer above, let’s check out the details below.

via Creative Assembly

The Twisted & The Twilight is the latest Legendary Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II, and introduces two rival Legendary Lords from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, each with their own factions, objectives, mechanics, units and playstyle, for use in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns as well as custom and multiplayer battles.

Throt the Unclean, Master Mutator of Clan Moulder, has grown ravenously hungry following a lifetime of mutating experiments, believing that consuming the magic of Ariel, Queen of the Wood Elves, can save him from his eternal starvation. He is opposed by the Sisters of Twilight, Elven twins who were once a single being before being split into two bodies by the Weave. Together they must complete their mission to prepare the glade for Ariel’s ritual, which will heal the rift in the world.


The new units include all new units for both factions, starting with the Wood Elves, who will now be led by Naestra and Arahan two twin sisters once a single being. They bring powerful new abilities to the game, as they cannont be slain unless both fall in battle. Fighting alongside them are:

  • Ariel: The Queen of Athel Loren is recruitable as a Legendary Hero. She is a powerful spellcaster who is more than capable in melee combat too
  • Spellweaver: Spellcaster Lord who can be recruited to wield the Lores of Life/Beasts/Shadow/Dark/High magic
  • Zoats: Powerful Monstrous Beasts who have access to bound Lore of Life spells
  • Great Stag Knights: heavy Wood Elf cavalry used to penetrate infantry lines and decimate lighter cavalry
  • Bladesingers: Elite, sword-wielding Wardancers

As well as new regiments of renown:

  • Wraiths of the Frozen Heart: Particularly effective for preventing cavalry from cycle charging, or stopping a missile unit from retreating.
  • Lost Sylvan Knights: Equipped with significant physical resistance.
  • Enigmas of Ghyran: Elite Zoats with more powerful spells from the Lore of Life.

On the Skaven side, as mentioned, Throt, Master Mutator. His enhanced metabolism means he must feed constantly to maintain himself, but his armies have the ability to use the Flesh Laboratory to create new abominations for the battlefield. You can augment and upgrade your existing units with modifications–at a cost, because eventually they break down. But once they become unstable, they can be reduced to valuable materials, which can then be reused and recycled for an eco-friendly skaven army.

Fighting on their side:

  • Ghoritch: A former general of Archaon the Everchosen, once ignored his commander’s orders and was sent to Hell Pit as punishment. There Throt transplanted his brain into the body of a Rat Ogre, creating an aberration of incredible speed, strength and intelligence. Ghoritch is recruitable as a Legendary Hero.
  • Packmaster: This Hero unit performs a support role with AoE and targeted buffs, summons Wolf Rats to the thick of battle, and may be mounted on a Brood Horror
  • Wolf Rats: Highly mobile pack-beasts which come in poisonous and armour-piercing varieties
  • Mutant Rat Ogre: a large single-entity monster adept at brawling.
  • Brood Horror: A huge, fast-moving monster adept at punching through infantry lines. Can also be chosen as a mount for Throt the Unclean and Packmaster Heroes.

Along with new regiments of renown:

  • Pit Fighters of Hell’s Deep: Comes with the Beserk ability and can be used to effectively combat terror units.
  • Morskittar’s Hellion: Capable of summoning a localized bombardment of warp lightning.
  • The Thing Thing: Has the ability to buff melee attack and weapon strength but rampages self in process.

Good luck, generals


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