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D&D: Unboxing Beadle And Grimm’s Rime Of The Frostmaiden

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Dec 4 2020

Curious about what lurks inside Beadle & Grimm’s Rime of the Frostmaiden box? Come see for yourself as we unbox it!

Beadle & Grimm sent us their latest box, and we were absolutely blown away. You can read our detailed review of the box right here, but let’s walk through what you’ll get in the box. Come and join us as we see what goes into a “platinum box” from B&G.

Beadle & Grimm’s new Icewind Dale Platinum Edition box is not just a game aid–it’s not just about making it easier to run your game, though it does that in spades. Instead, the folks at Beadle & Grimm have put a tremendous amount of work into the presentation of their game. You’ll find everything you need to have a full-on experience.

As I’ve said before, these boxes are all about immersion, and creating one way to access that sort of liminal space that makes it feel like you’re stepping into another world. Or to find those moments where you could almost forget you’re playing a game.

Plus, the box makes it easier to run the campaign as well. You’ll find maps of everything, every encounter in the game is recreated here, so if you’re running the game, you don’t really have to do any extra prep work to get the encounters ready. In fact, the game helps you–these full-color maps do a ton of imaginative work, beyond what a dull beige or forest green battlemat with some wet-erase drawn on trees could do.

It’s a curated experience, all in one easy box.

There are miniatures, like this Snowy Owlbear:


In fact you get 20 minis all in all:



  • Crag Cat

  • Goliath Werebear

  • Snowy Owlbear (don’t hug)


  • Auril: The Cold Crone

  • Auril: The Brittle Maiden

  • Auril: Winter’s Womb

  • Xardorak Sunblight

  • Nass Lantomir

  • Avarice

  • Vellynne Harpell

  • Tekeli-li

  • Orog Ranger

  • Goliath Barbarian

  • Night Hag


  • Chwingas with Icicle Staff

  • Chwingas with Snowball

  • Yeti Tyke


And each one is just as detailed as you hope. Even the game handouts are done up “in-character.”

It’s all here to help heighten the experience of D&D at your tabletop. Little flourishes like that are inspiring. Of course, these days it’s harder to share that if you’re not all at the same table.

If I were playing this online, and my DM sent me a letter in real life, I’d probably lose it. In the best way–right now a lot of folks are looking for something real. And that’s what Beadle & Grimms delivers. Something inarguably real.

Just look at the jewelry that comes in the box. Imagine commemorating your experience with a little pin or a necklace that you found in the game. It’s all a part of this feeling of a “good game.” Sadly, you can’t get this box. It’s sold out–at least for now. You can still get a Silver Edition box, which has many of the same things, though. So be on the lookout for what comes next from Beadle & Grimm.

Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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