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Let’s Play D&D With Grogu

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Dec 30 2020
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The Mandalorian may be gone until 2021 and Grogu may have flown off to continue his Jedi training, but we can all use some more of the child in our lives.

With The Mandalorian wrapping up for the year and the future of Grogu currently a complete mystery, it’s difficult to know exactly where we’ll get our Baby Yoda fix from. Cute toys and gifs will fill the Groguless hole in our lives, but there’s always room for a little more of the child. Why not engage in some RPG therapy by lowkey dropping Grogu into your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

You may be wondering why I chose to make him a kobold sorcerer. After all, kobolds aren’t cute and Jedis are commonly accepted to be space wizards. Well, I would argue that adult Yodas aren’t terribly cute, either. It’s the baby factor that makes grogu adorable. Plus, take another look at that artwork of three kobolds in a coat pretending to be a big person and tell me they aren’t worth of a cheek pinching. As for the sorcerer angle, while Jedi spend a lot of time learning how to hone their skills, they still have a certain amount of innate and natural talent that they’ll either use subconsciously or messily teach themselves, and that shouts sorcerer to me. Plus, sorcerer has the option forĀ Aberrant Mind which Tasha’s describes as:

“An alien influence has wrapped its tendrils around your mind, giving you psionic power. You can now touch other minds with that power and alter the world around you by using it to control the magical energy of the multiverse. Will this power shine from you as a hopeful beacon to others? Or will you be a source of terror to those who feel the stab of your mind and witness the strange manifestations of your might?”

I kept him fairly low level despite his former training at the temple because it’s clearly been a while and as a relatively young character, he probably didn’t have much training. More than level one, but he’s still much closer to the start of his journey than the end.

You may notice that I didn’t list a language even though he should have proficiency in three, and added Cure Wounds, a spell not typically given to sorcerers. These were places I thought I would talk to the GM about bending the rules a little as Grogu is so far pretty nonverbal and has shown at least a basic mastery of healing powers. I imagine these are character aspects that would change and grow throughout the course of gameplay.


How would you make grogu for D&D gameplay? Is he more of a playable character or an NPC? How would you make this character for the Edge of the Empire system? I flipped through the books but quickly found that he’s too young and untrained to actually fit into any career tree without knowing where he’s headed, but I’d love to hear your theories!

Happy Adventuring!

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