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Warhammer 40K: Unboxing The Assault Intercessors & New Death Company

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Dec 1 2020

The Assault Intercessors are here and for some reason we’ve paired them with the Death Company unboxing. Gee, I wonder why.

Blood Angels fans, rejoice! The Assault Intercessors are here and they are ready to provide you with all the Astartes Chainswords you’ve wanted. Oh, and the Death Company got a Primaris box, too. Coincidence? More like a bit hint on what you really want to do with them.

Death Company – Primaris Style

Let’s start with the simple one: Death Company Intercessors. What’s in the box? 5 Primaris Intercessors and a Blood Angels Upgrade Sprue.

I would actually say that this box really doesn’t have anything that makes it truly a Death Company box. Unlike the previous version, all of these bits were previously available. You could order the Blood Angels Upgrade Sprue previously and it’s just half-a-squad of Primaris Intercessors. I’m not saying I’m disappointed with this box, it’s just not a lot to go on. Now, if you are a Blood Angels player, I would actually say this is the way you should buy Primaris Intercessors from now on. You get the shoulder pads and extra Blood Angel bits. Two boxes is basically the same price as the 10 Man box plus two Upgrade Sprues…which is kind of my entire point.

So why did we pair this one with the Assault Intercessors? Other than the fact that these are both Space Marine releases…Assault Intercessors is how you want to load-up your Death Company.

Assaulty Time

Let’s pretend you’re not a Blood Angel player for a moment. What’s in this box for you? Well – Astartes Chainswords! And plenty to go around. Plus, you get the Assault Intercessor Sergeant’s weapon options (Thunder Hammer, Power Sword, various pistols). All of this is good stuff.


If you were looking for a way to add Chainswords to your Primaris Intercessors units, well, here you go (codex options allowing it). Most of the arms and shoulder pads are all interchangeable with the Primaris Intercessors, too. It might be fun to do some arm swaps just to change up the poses for things.

Also, if you can’t tell already, these are NOT the same sprues from the Indomitus boxed set. They are NOT push-fit miniatures and they are customizable. So keep that in mind!


Now, if you ARE a Blood Angels player and you want some Death Company what should you do? Well, assuming you want a full 10-man Death Company Squad, it’s pretty simple.

  • Buy the Assault Intercessors.
  • Buy two Blood Angels Upgrade Sprues.
  • Combine to taste.

As we showed off over the weekend, you can totally load-up your Death Company with Astartes Chainswords. And you probably should because they are WAY more effective in close combat than as a static gunline. You can take regular Blood Angels when it comes time to shoot. You take Death Company if you want to tear the enemy to shreds in close combat.

I’m not sure if GW planned to release the Death Company alongside the Assault Intercessors but it sure feels like that was planned. Personally, I think it would have been even better to just give us a box with the Assault Intercessors box (10 man) and two Blood Angel Upgrade Sprues…I think that point has been made. The next question is what to do with all those extra Gravis Armor Shoulder Pads…

Inceptors or Aggressors…That’s the question.


Both of these units are up for pre-order, but online stocks are looking thin. Contact your FLGS and see if they have any for you!

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