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Warhammer Fantasy: Vermintide 2 Breaks Out The Big Guns

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Dec 9 2020

The Outcast Engineer is here, and along with the new prestige career for Bardin, the dwarf, comes a new season of the Winds of Magic. Check it out.

Season 4 of the Winds of Magic has arrived in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, bringing with it a a new patch. And released just before that, the Outcast Engineer…

The Outcast Engineer is a new career for Bardin Goreksson. It contains the new playable career complete with new abilities, new weapon types, a new talent tree, a whole new Engineer skin, a new helmet, new challenges, and new voice lines.

At the heart of this class is the Crank Gun. This weapon slowly spins up in speed, as you might expect, but it functions along the same basic lines as the other ranged weapons. You can reload it via crank, which helps build up how long you can use it–there’s an upper limit to this, past a certain point, you gain the hit hand debuff, but it’s unlimited ammo that you can recharge passively by swapping to your other weapons.

The crankgun fires rapidly but it’s wildly inaccurate past a certain range, so you’ll want to keep pressing forward. While you wait for it top recharge, though, you’ll have to fall back on your coghammer and pistol.

The hammer is a pretty standard melee weapon that makes diagonal swipes and a heavy, executioner style slam attack. The pistol can fire a single shot after a delay, or you can put on your best McCree voice and fan the hammer for rapid, but inaccurate fire up close.


Welcome to Season 4 for Winds of Magic on PC. Together with Winds of Magic Season 4 we are also bringing some fixes to Vermintide 2 on PC. Full patch notes can be found below.


The new Season for Winds of Magic is now live. The leaderboards have been reset and new portrait frames can be unlocked by clearing Weave 40, 80, 120 and 160. Good luck!

If you finish a quick play Weave you will also be rewarded with a new portrait frame. The Weaves have of course been reshuffled in a new order.

Happy slaying!

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