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WFRP: Middenheim – City Of The White Wolf Errata Released

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Dec 11 2020

Cubicle 7 has released new errata for their newest city book, Middenheim: City of the White Wolf. Check out what’s been changed right here.

It’s time to return once more to the Old World, this time back to the City of the White Wolf. Middenheim has been FAQ’d, these are changes made to the digital version, which if you have secured through either DrivethruRPG or the Cubicle 7 online store, you’ll have waiting for you. Of course, these changes are going to be included in the upcoming physical book as well, but, if you pre-ordered that, know that you have an updated pdf waiting for you right now too.

Take a look.

via Cubicle 7

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf update notes

  • Various typographical changes throughout
  • The population of Middenheim has suffered a precipitous decline – Verenan agents are investigating
  • The Grand Duchy of Middenheim has recently been surveyed, and a new map produced. This should make it easier for players to understand the surroundings of the city – it can be found in the Duchy of Middenheim Chapter.
  • The previous version of the Boots of Gucci were stolen after a patron asked to try them on, then charmed her way past the city guards. An updated version of the boots grants access to various takes on the Etiquette Talent rather than a flat skill bonus.
  • The Nikse family have had words with the scribe responsible for rendering their name as Niske — offending parties have been appropriately disciplined.
  • Ulric, God of Winter and Wolves, has placed several axes high in trees around the city of Middenheim and demanded all devout Wolfkin retrieve them. As a result, the Wolfkin Career now has access to the Melee (Basic) and Climb skills.

What I love about these updates is that they read like a video game patch notes in the best way. They don’t just tell you what the updates are, but they give you a story to go with ’em and explain, diegetically what the changes are. It’s a small thing, but it’s an extremely good touch that makes an incredible difference from other FAQs. I think more RPG companies ought to work this in, since we’re already patching RPGs like they were video games, we may as well borrow from the format and explain away the changes.

Some think this is a step forward in an unexpected way, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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