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AoS: What Do You Bring The Death God Who Has Everything?

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Jan 24

Nagash and Teclis have a lot of toys, so what could this new book be bringing?

The next chapter of the Broken Realms saga has been revealed to center around Teclis and Nagash, and while I question the wisdom of challenging the god of Shyish in his own home, I’m sure Teclis has something planned. However, except for a few kangaroos and a tiger-horse-antelope, at the time of this writing (Friday 1/22), we aren’t sure what the Lumineth are bringing to the table, or what Nagash will summon from his vast and horrifying bag of tricks to counter the Hyshian god’s assault. I’m sure by the time you read this we’ll have found out in the live preview, so let’s test my oracular skills and go with 3 hopes/predictions for the Saturday preview and the new Realms book.

New Lumineth Subfaction

Much like the Zainthar Kai subfaction for the Daughters of Khaine, I would love to see the Lumineth get a subfaction to focus on the new cavalry kangaroos and their mounted lord. We’ve already got Ymetrica to focus on the Stoneguard, so it would stand to reason that another group of aelves would focus on their riding skills and devote themselves to the wind elements. Their lord could even get a special unique spell that empowers their charges or gives them something similar to Ride the Winds Aetheric.

New Soulblight Battletome

We’ve seen the new vampire stuff, so we know that SOMETHING is on the way, but if it’s just a few models and updates in the book, I know I’ll be disappointed, and I doubt I’ll be alone in that. The Soulblight have fallen behind other Death factions recently, and they deserve a full reintroduction to the stage of war. Fighting the martially perfect forces of Teclis and his light aelves would be the perfect debut for a faction of ageless, merciless killers that have perfected their arts over centuries. Also, from a business standpoint, GW would make a mint giving all the loyal servents of Death a brand new battletome to drool over.

Tyrion and Malerion


Teclis is certainly no slouch, and his mastery of the mystic arts is unequaled in the Mortal Realms, so I can see how attacking Nagash to wipe the blight of Undeath from the world makes sense to him. However, attacking him in Shyish, at the heart of his power, when he has already proven to be able to send shockwaves of power through multiple realms and alter the very fabric of reality, seems foolish. It seems likely to me that Teclis’s arrogance and overconfidence in his own strength will lead to his defeat and/or capture, leaving his more martially minded older brother or his angry shadow uncle to come and rescue him. Only time will tell, but I don’t think Teclis will like the results of his attack regardless.

What are you hoping for?

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