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Blood Bowl Gets A Boost From Forge World Pre-Orders

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Jan 29

It’s all Blood Bowl this weekend from Forge World – the Pre-orders are up and storming the Pitch!

via Forge World

Skrull Halfheight $30

Every once in a while, a player appears that breaks the mould. Skrull Halfheight was a Dwarf blessed with a prodigious passing ability. Unfortunately for Skrull, his receivers were Dwarfs, and as he waited for one of them to trundle slowly into position, the opposition executed a career-ending tackle on the unfortunate Thrower. This beautiful game wasn’t done with Skrull, though, and he was resurrected by none other than famous Necromancer coach, Tomolandry, eager to try out a long game for his own Champions of Death.

A Dwarf Thrower, they ask with eyebrows raised incredulously? Your opponents won’t underestimate him more than once… This unconventional Star Player can be Induced by any Sylvanian Spotlight and Worlds Edge Superleague team to add a frankly impressive passing strategy. As befitting a player with no flesh and blood, Skrull is cool under pressure and very survivable (so to speak, anyway) – ideal for mixing it up on the Line of Scrimmage and then sending the ball sailing out to a breakaway catcher on the other side.

This finely-detailed resin model is supplied in 7 pieces, and comes supplied with a 32mm Round Blood Bowl Base. You can find all the rules you need to use Skrull in Blood Bowl – The Official Rules.

Gretchen Wächter $30


There are some poor souls who find themselves wedded to a Blood Bowl fan of such boundless enthusiasm that it encroaches into every aspect of daily life. Important dates and anniversaries are ignored or forgotten, and family functions are avoided. Before long, the unfortunate lover begins to resent the beautiful game. In time, a strong hatred of Nuffle, and all his wonders, is fostered and domestic bliss becomes a thing of the past! Such was the case with Gretchen Wächter, whose husband was utterly obsessed with Blood Bowl when they were still alive. The Necromancer and aspiring coach Dirk the Abhorrent turned the animosity Gretchen held for the game into a finely-honed weapon and unleashed her scorn against her rival players – the pitch has never been the same since.

The legendary ‘Blood Bowl Widow’ is a frighteningly solid Star Player, despite being wholly incorporeal. Gretchen’s set of skills make it hard for your opponents to get their hands on her, robbing their momentum and frustrating even their Big Guys. She can be Induced to play for any Sylvanian Spotlight team, bolstering their defensive line and skipping right past their biggest players on offence.

This finely-detailed resin model is supplied in 7 pieces, and comes supplied with a 32mm Round Blood Bowl Base. You can find all the rules you need to use her in Blood Bowl – The Official Rules.

The Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers “Passed On” Team Collection $100

Blood Bowl is a gloriously violent game, but the best players don’t let anything as pedestrian as death keep them down. The Necromancers of Sylvania discovered some time ago that their magical talents made for a viable career as a coach. They soon began making dark pacts with Ghouls, Wraiths, and even Werewolves – or simply stitching together Flesh Golems from the beefiest body parts they could scare up.


“Raise” your game with this undead team, made up of h Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers and two legendary Star Players. With a variety of players giving you just the right combination of strength, speed, skill and durability, you’ll be winning games and creating potential new recruits in next to no time.

This bundle contains:

– Necromantic Horror Team: The Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers – a full plastic Blood Bowl team comprising 6 Zombie Linemen, 2 Ghoul Runners, 2 Wraiths, 2 Werewolves, 2 Flesh Golems and balls, turn counters and coins
– Star Player Skrull Halfheight
– Gretchen Wächter

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