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D&D: Add 100 New Magic Items To Theros

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Jan 30

The world of Theros gets even more legendary with a new supplement that adds more than 100 new magic items–check out the Gray Merchant of Asphodel.

Ah, Gary. If you’ve played Magic: the Gathering, you’re doubtless familiar with the Gray Merchant of Asphodel, aka Gary. This wandering zombie merchant will take life from your opponent and sell it to you, depending on your devotion to black. At least that’s how it is in Magic.

But in the world of Theros, the Gray Merchant of Asphodel is a wandering merchant with sacks full of magic items to sell. At least, according to a new Platinum Best Seller on the DM’s Guild. The eponymous merchant is at the heart of The Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Check out more than 100 new magic items that are perfectly fit for the world of myths and magic that is Theros.

via the DM’s Guild

The Gray Merchant of Asphodel – $9.95

9 Artifacts, 6 Legendaries, 16 Very Rares  19 Rares, 35 Uncommons, 24 Commons and 9 story hook items.

These items are steeped in the lore of Theros with creative and thematic mechanics that were designed with an eye on balance! They include adventuring gear, rings, potions, rods, armor, and weapons! Items inspired by the text or art of Magic cards are hyperlinked so you can see the source material yourself.

The Gray Merchant is a unique vendor who trades one of his goods for something of yours. He doesn’t care what people pay, but the gods do. Underpay and the item is less powerful. Overpay and maybe the item gains new properties. If your campaign doesn’t allow magic items for sale, these scaling attributes are still useful in allowing items to adjust in power based on your party’s level, making them useful for longer! And if your characters are cash poor, they can pay a different price—have a family heirloom or a beloved childhood toy? Are they willing to give it up for more power?


All of the magic items included here are inspired by the cards from Theros, and are not only hyperlinked, as the description states, but they also come in these convenient, MTG inspired print & play item handouts that resemble Magic cards, but describe each of the magic items in detail so you can give players the handouts when these treasures are uncovered.

Definitely worth checking out!

Happy Adventuring!

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