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D&D Maps – RPG Accessories

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Jan 12 2021

Whether you’re keeping track of all of your players or appreciating fantastical art, D&D maps are one of the oldest and most immersive parts of the game.

Whether your group faithfully uses grids and maps at the table, or you just enjoy the art behind nice topography, D&D maps are one of those game day additions you can’t go wrong with. And you don’t have to be super detailed, a great artist, or drop a ton of money to have fun maps at the table.


Official Maps

Whenever you’re running an official adventure you can always find some official maps. While some sets such as the Beadle and Grimm’s¬†collections go above and beyond to provide high quality maps and squared out dungeons for every location you’ll visit, others take a more simple and open world approach with regular maps of the greater location. Neither approach is wrong and both will leave you with works of art for your wall when you’re done playing.


Tactical Maps

For a slightly less by the book game, you may need a more generic set of D&D maps. This set has a nice and well-rounded collection of outdoors, dungeons, lairs, and towns for all of your general adventuring needs. Will you want something a little more special for big battles? Maybe. But for everyday dungeon crawling these maps may be your new best friend.


Avernus Map Poster


Not every D&D map has to be used at your gaming table. Sometimes they just make for cool wall art, like this Avernus map poster. It’s a little more subtle as far as D&D references go, but still undeniably high fantasy with specific locations and subtle details to play I spy with. I personally have something similar with a giant map of Bahumia from Naddpod and it’s perhaps one of my favorite pieces of art on the wall.


Khorvaire Map Rug

One more piece of D&D map art before I get back to useable gameplay items, this rug features a giant map of¬†Khorvaire in a way that isn’t terribly obvious. Your less geographically savvy friends may thing it’s a real-life place while others could just as easily confuse it for a Narnia or Tolkienesque literary fantasy location, but you’ll always recognize your favorite Eberron continent.


The Dungeon Book of Battle Maps

Anther set of use anytime in any game maps, this set is designed to fit in your favorite game night bag, wipe clean for any of your dry erase marker needs, and fit minis to keep you aware of your surroundings. With multiple volumes, this set will keep you rich in maps for multiple months worth of sessions to come, but are designed specifically to be reusable for many different encounters and locations.


How does your dungeons and dragons group handle maps and minis? Do you prefer a dnd map or theater of the mind? How about hand drawn maps versus more multipurpose pre designed ones? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Adventuring!

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