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D&D: Solasta, Crown Of The Magister’s New Patch

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Jan 22

A new patch brings even more of the 5E rules into the world of Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Find out what’s new in the latest patch.

Solasta, Crown of the Magister, the D&D 5E game based on the SRD rules–and if you’ve played it, you know it’s also the one that is the most direct translation of them–has just gotten a new update for 2021, fixing some of the problems of the winter updates, and bringing more of the 5E tabletop rules into the digital world than ever before. This game keeps getting better and better as it barrels through the early access period. Check it out.

via Tactical Studios

Spells / Powers:

  • Spells will now require a passive Arcana Check to recognize them during combat.
  • The Spell component system has been implemented (options are available in the settings if you want to disable it)
    • Verbal:
      • Full (Default): Silence now prevents you from casting spells with Verbal components.
    • Somatic: 
      • Basic (Default): Restrained now prevents you from casting spells with Somatic components.
      • Full: Same as Basic, but you also need a free hand. Two-handed weapons (i.e. Quarterstaff) count as having a free hand.
    • Material:
      • Basic: You must have a holy symbol, spellcasting focus or component pouch equipped to cast spells with Material components. Magic wands and magic staves are also considered as spellcasting foci. Note that spells with expensive components can also be cast in the same manner without any additional cost.
      • Full (Default): Same as Basic, but spells needing specific components will require you to have them in your inventory (i.e. a pearl to cast Identify, a diamond for Revivify…)
  • You should now be able to cast Sparkle as a Bonus Action even after casting a spell with your Main Action
  • Finally swapped the Eat / Feed Goodberries buttons, so your wizard no longer “accidentally” gobbles all the berries on their own.
  • Fixed spells no longer working on wall sconces / magic lamp and other interactable elements on occasions.
  • Losing concentration while flying to a location (by an attack of opportunity for instance) will now make you fall as soon as you lose concentration instead of attempting to reach your destination.
    • Fixed the animations when losing concentration after getting hit while flying.
  • Fixed Conjure Animals VFX not playing properly.
    • Fixed a rare bug when trying to summon creatures somewhere with limited space.
  • Elves are no longer affected by Sleep at all (instead of being immune but still feeling a bit weak in the knees)
  • Fixed a bug when casting Feather Fall after being shoved into a pit
  • Updated VFX for Magic Arrow, Arcane Fury, Guiding Bolt, Doom Laughter and Shine
  • Updated Icons for Arcane Fury, Animal Friendship, Indomitable Light, Soothing Hand, Aura of Protection and Word of Law
  • AoE Spells info box should no longer re-appear every time your cursor moves to a different cell.
  • Added a tooltip to Calm Emotions
  • You should no longer be able to cast AoE spells further than their maximum range. No cheating!
  • The various Creed feats no longer grant you Expertise in specific saving throws if you were already proficient. No, getting proficiency twice does not equate to Expertise, it doesn’t work like that.
  • Fixed Sparkle being selected when using Ready Action (Cantrip).
  • Cancelling the cast of a concentration spell when you already concentrating on another spell will no longer make the combat grid disappear.
  • Casting teleport spells like Misty Step now displays the movement grid to show where you can teleport
  • Feats should now work properly. If there are still bugged feats, please specify which feat and we’ll take another look at it.
  • Aura of Protection tooltip should now display the proper Saving Throw modifiers.
  • Fixed Sacred Weapon not working properly.
  • Fixed Vampiric Touch not correctly consuming your main action, previously allowing you to spam it.
  • Preserve Life now properly states in the Combat Log that it cannot heal characters above 50% HP.

Happy Adventuring!

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