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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Can There Be Too Many Ork Warbikes?

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Jan 7 2021

Goatboy here, while we wait on Death Guard I thought – how many dang Warbikes can I put in an Ork army?

Between the Nob ones, the regular ones, and even the good ole Warboss on a Bike – I can fit a ton of them in a list.  Will this list be any good?  Enh – probably not but it would be a crap ton of bikes right?  Plus it would be fast, cover the table, and probably be annoying to chew thru.  That seems to be the big thing in all of this – just annoying enough to crew thru all those bodies and crazy Ork nonsense.  With that – let’s begin.

A regular Warbike squad is 3-12 bodies and a Nob squad is 3-9 bodies.  I don’t think you do all Nob Bikers just like you don’t do all regular Warbikers.  I think a mix works out well with the Regular bikers being cheap and the Nobz being set up with a bit more – smash available.  Or not – it’s up to you.  Of course, as I am doing Bikers I need to ensure to they will be Evil Sunz just because – well red bikers are a heck of a lot more fun.

Ork Patrol – 0CP
Clan Kultur – Evil Sunz

Warboss on a Bike (Fanks FW!) – Da Biggest Boss (-1CP), Relic – Da Killa Klaw, Warlord – Brutal but Kunnin’ – 115pts

Ork Boyz X 10 – 80pts


Ork Outrider Detachment – -3CP

Defkilla Wartrike – 125pts
Warboss on a Bike (Fanks FW!) – 115pts

Nob Bikerz X 9 – Big Choppa X 3, Kustom Job (Squighide Tires -1CP) – 285pts
Nob Bikerz X 9 – Big Choppa X 3 – 285pts
Warbikers X 12 – Big Choppa Nob – 329pts
Warbikers X 12 – Big Choppa Nob – 329pts
Warbikers X 12 – Big Choppa Nob – 329pts

PTS: 1992 CP: +7CP

Red Ones Go Fasta!

So I would probably take one of the Nob Squads, throw them in the tellyporta, and then see if you can deep strike to cause some damage. From there you are just going for as much board control as you can, as quickly as you can.  Your entire army is going to move, shoot, and be a pain in the butt.  I thought about going 3 Warbosses on Bikes as the 3 Brothas of boom and other nonsense – but I randomly like the Defkilla Wartrike due to its big fat base size.  There is going to be a ton of dice to throw, a lot of hoping for those 6’s, and a ton of fun as you drive around the table belching smoke.

The Warboss on Bike set up with the Killa Klaw and extra damage is going to be a brutal cruise missile heading for the head of whatever bad guy you want to try and take out.

WAAAAGH! Do you like running hardcore or theme lists?


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