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Let’s Play D&D With Wonder Woman

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Jan 06

Grab the Bracelets of Submission and Lasso of Truth, this week we’re inviting Wonder Woman to the gaming table for some Dungeons and Dragons.

You could do a lot worse than to structure your next D&D character around Wonder Woman. With an interesting backstory, specialized and cinematically exciting powers, and heroic moral code, she could be perfect for super heroisms magic adventuring almost equally.


Wonder Woman

As a demigod and ageless protector of people, I thought that Aasimar would be perfect for Wonder Woman. They often look human enough, but aren’t quite in ways that other people may not pick up on at first. I had also considered some other classes for her such as barbarian or fighter, or even multiclassing, but in the end the Oath of the Ancients Paladin was just too perfect. Fighting for goodness in the great cosmic struggle and believing in honor, courage and justice are Wonder Woman to a T.

I rolled pretty well with this character, and added a few helpful boosts to dexterity and constitution thanks to the feats Athlete and Durable, both of which seem tailor made for Wonder Woman.

When it came to her iconic Lasso of Truth I was torn between making a special item card to go along with her sheet or not, but the lasso more or less came together organically due to the nature of paladins. I based her lasso (as a weapon) on whip stats and her Themysciran armor on breastplate stats as well as including a sword and her gauntlets, but all of these have a very real grounding in Dungeons and Dragons. And so does the zone of truth. At the end of the day, I thought that a weapon with the stats of a whip and the secondary powers of the zone of truth spell would be a waste when these were things a paladin could very reasonably have as a part of their standard build. For the rest of her spells I chose ones that focused on the defense of others and heroics as opposed to all-out fighting and war. She is, of course, skilled at those things and they are an important part of her character and reflected on her sheet, but the core of her character is a protector and I wanted to reflect that as much as possible.


Oath of the Ancients Paladin is a class and oath that keeps on being perfect for Wonder Woman well past level ten, where I decided to build her out until. For example, at level 15 she would get Undying Sentinel, which allows the character to chose to drop to one hit point instead of zero and effectively stops the character from aging. Which would again be perfect for the seemingly immortal Wonder Woman.

Did you see Wonder Woman 1984 yet? What did you think? How would you have built this character for D&D? Which movies or TV shows would you like to see me make characters from next? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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