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Magic: The Gathering – Kaldheim Spoilers Unveiled

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Jan 18

More spoilers means more value, and what more could you want out of a new Magic set? We’re back with another batch of Kaldheim Spoilers.

Kaldheim is inching its way towards launch day, and given that the last two weeks have basically been three years, it’s making great progress. Today we’re sifting through the latest batch of new releases, and once the 20th hits, and we have an idea of the full set + Commander Listings, we’ll be sure to go back through the whole card list. But for now, get ready to look through your library for a rune card, because here we go…

Let’s start off with a classic 4/4 for 4, Craven Hulk. It can’t block alone, but when you need powerful drops early on, Craven is here for you.

Immersturm Raider is almost a functional reprint of Fissure Wizard, and just as fun. Look forward to leveraging that Berserker for some good old fashioned red ramp.

Do you like Foretell? If you want foretell, Kaldheim is very interested in making sure you have it. This is a pretty spicy way to get some power and some devastating combos later on.

Birgi, God of Tales lets you add a red mana whenever you cast a spell, as well as letting your creatures boast twice each turn instead of once. This is gonna wreck me, I know. This is the other side of Harnfel, Horn of Abundance.


Cards like this Dragonkin Berserker are going to be instrumental in Birgi decks:

Meanwhile I’ll be here, pulling for The Three Seasons that lets you comb through your graveyard for stuff to bring back, though you do mill through three cards to do so.

Righteous Valkyrie, on the other hand, is one of those cards that I feel like I’ll spend the whole game trying to get to pay off, and will ultimately cost me the game. But with life gain coming in strong for White, I’m hopeful.


A baby Icy Manipulator here, tap a snow and it to tap target artifact or creature. Can’t wait to get locked down by these.

Weigh Down looks like easy, cheap, fast removal. Black’s forte.

Then there’s Doomskar, which looks absolutely crushing. If you want to interrupt your opponent–this is gonna really do it.

Orvar the All-Form is the master of all shape-shifters, and I’d bet you money, Orvar is one of the tantacles of whatever else is in the water with a robe and mask on.

Brinebarrow Intruder is handy when you need something in a flash.


And finally, Shackles of Treachery is an upgrade to Act of Treason.

What do you think of the new cards? Let us know in the comments!

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