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Pathfinder 2E: New Character Options Abound In Abomination Vaults Guide

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Jan 26

The Player’s Guide for the upcoming Abomination Vaults Adventure Path is chock full of new options for your favorite characters.

Are you gearing up for the upcoming mega-dungeon crawl that will be the Abomination Vaults? Pathfinder 2E is kicking off a massive crawl with a brand new adventure that sees the return of an old threat. Picking up where the troubles in Otari left off, the Abomination Vaults promise a deep delve for daring heroes. And if you want even more customization, there are new options waiting for you in the Abomination Vaults Player’s Guide, available now, for free, from Paizo.

You’ll find a few different options. There are a number of backgrounds available to you, each of which gives you different ability boosts, as well as opening up different skill paths. You can create a star-watching wizard with a specialty in astrology and “Dubious Knowledge” or play an eldritch anatomists and learn the Fleshwarp lore skill, as well as gaining some feats for Medicine. These backgrounds are powerful–but players looking to follow a new pantheon will find even more.

Clerics can now follow the Cosmic Caravan and gain access to some strange domains indeed:

As well, you’ll gain some decent domain spells. And of course, alongside this there’s all the usual stuff you can expect out of an adventure path player’s guide: new lore, details about locations mentioned in the adventure path, though presented spoiler-free so you can find yourself with all kinds of new ways to be embroiled in the adventure. You’ll also get to know the important NPCs. You can download it free now, check it out!

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If you are new to Pathfinder or an Adventure Path, welcome! The Abomination Vaults Adventure Path Player’s Guide is your spoiler free introduction for getting started. Inside you will find the following three chapters:

  1. Coming Together

    • The Abomination Vaults Adventure Path begins near the small town of Otari on the southern shore of the Isle of Kortos. A robust and spoiler-free description of the town can be found in this player’s guide. While this gazetteer does mention things that aren’t frequently discussed in polite company (such as the rough crew that hangs out at the Crook’s Nook), the contents of this gazetteer are considered common knowledge among Otari’s citizens. It’s possible for some (or even all) of the heroes to hail from Otari, but that isn’t necessary. Although most of the campaign’s action takes place in the dungeon about a half hour to the north in the swampy Fogfen, the heroes will return to Otari many times and should come to rely on its people.
      The heroes might or might not know each other, but all of them should have a friend in common: the town’s eccentric oddities merchant, Wrin Sivinxi.
  2. Cosmic Caravan Pantheon

    • As friends of Wrin Sivinxi, the heroes all know that she follows a pantheon of deities collectively known as the Cosmic Caravan. Any hero who wants to can also follow this pantheon. The rules for following a pantheon are set forth on page 92 of Pathfinder Lost Omens Gods and Magic.
  3. Otari Gazetteer

    • Otari is a thriving, diverse lumber town and trade port with a storied past and its fair share of sinister secrets. Founded by a group of adventurers over 400 years ago, the town has weathered attacks from kobolds and strange monsters, economic woes and windfalls, and cycles of prosperity and strife. Today, the town is a prosperous community and one of the largest settlements along the island’s southern coast, other than the metropolis of Absalom.

Download Abomination Vault Player’s Guide today

Happy Adventuring!

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