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Pathfinder: The Pocket Gamemastery Guide – Big Advice, Little Book

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Jan 4 2021

Pathfinder 2nd Edition will soon have a pocket sized Gamemastery Guide out, as long as your pockets are from the late 90s.

The 90s were a different time. You needed pockets big enough to hold your disaffected ennui and also a skateboard/emergency flannel in case you started sincerely enjoying something and needed to blanket yourself in safe, comfortable irony to keep yourself from actually liking anything.

Nobody can make fun of you for liking something if you don’t like anything. Even these huge pockets–it’s the safest way to live. And if you happen to have pockets big enough to hide your true feelings you’ll be perfectly set for the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Gamemastery Guide pocket-sized book due out in the next few weeks.

Because each of the Pathfinder 2 books is bigger and beefier than before. The Gamemastery Guide is no exception–though it’s by far the smallest of the three, weighing in at only 256 pages or so, it has everything you need to run the best possible game of Pathfinder you can. From rules on running campaigns and building good adventures, to new magic items, or ways to hack Pathfinder 2 into a higher or lower powered setting depending on what you want, there’s a ton here. Check it out.

via Paizo

Pathfinder 2 Gamemastery Guide Pocket Edition – $24.99

Whether you are a new Game Master or experienced storyteller, you can always find new ways to hone your craft. This 256-page Pathfinder Second Edition rulebook contains a wealth of new information, tools, and rules systems to add to your game. Inside you will find handy advice for building your own adventures, designing towns, and creating vibrant characters alongside rules systems for dramatic chases, thrilling tournaments, and deadly duels. This book also includes more 40 pages of sample nonplayer characters, from the simple town guard to the vile cultist, presented to make your job as GM that much easier!

The Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide includes:

  • Rules, advice, and guidelines to build adventures, campaigns, and the denizens and treasures that lurk within, from settlements to nations to infinite planes!
  • Creative variant rules to customize the rules to make the game your own, including variant bonus, feat, and magic item progressions, characters gaining the power of multiple classes at once, and more!
  • All sorts of new and variant magic items including intelligent items, cursed items, artifacts, quirks you can add to items, and a brand new type of item called a relic that scales with your character!
  • A catalog of subsystems to handle unique situations, from thrilling chases to researching mysteries to vehicle combat to elaborate duels to sandbox-style “hexploration” and more! Plus, a universal victory point system to help you design your own subsystems!
  • More than 60 new NPCs to use in your game, designed for maximum usefulness to all Pathfinder campaigns!


Happy Adventuring!

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