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Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ Told in a Series of Amazing Lego Dioramas

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Jan 21

Lego bricks present endless possibilities – space ships, giant waves, and the ability to tell a classic fantasy tale in bricks.

Lego Builder Thorsten Bonsch has done several series of dioramas based on books and pop culture  – Harry Potter, HP Lovecraft, DC, Marvel, and Doctor Who to name a few. His most recent project is a re-telling of The Hobbit by building the major plot points as Lego dioramas – 43 in total.

The work put into these is really impressive. Bonsch used existing pieces and has managed to create trees with bending boughs, arches, and brick-built beasts including Smaug’s head. These are a few highlights, the entire series can be seen here.


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