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Total War: Warhammer 2 – Twisted And Twilight Opt-In Patch Out Today

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Jan 26 2021

A new opt-in patch is out for the Twisted and the Twilight with a handful of fixes, gameplay improvements and more. Download the ‘beta’ today.

The Twisted and the Twilight brought many new things to the world of Total War: Warhammer 2, and with it come many improvements to the quality of life of some of the new factions. It’s an opt-in patch with hotfixes for certain issues–you can expect the full patch to be released before too long, but for now, you have to go opt in as we outline below. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the Twisted and the Twilight.

via Creative Assembly

This interim opt-in update contains a handful of fixes and improvements to gameplay in The Twisted & The Twilight Lords Pack DLC.

How to opt in

  1. In your Steam games library, right-click Total War: WARHAMMER II and select Properties
  2. In the Properties window, select the Betas tab
  3. In the Betas dropdown, select warhammerii_1.10.2
  4. Total War: WARHAMMER II will now update to version 1.10.2

Bug fixes

  • Recruiting Ariel will no longer cause a desync in multiplayer campaigns if one player does not own The Twisted & The Twilight
  • Forest Health now provides scaling diplomacy benefits, with each Forest affecting a different culture
  • Bonus decrease behaviour of Wood Elves’ teleportation cooldown is more consistent when it is applied to active cooldown
  • Durthu’s starting battle in Mortal Empires now correctly loads an Athel Loren forest map and not a Lustria jungle map
  • Added additional Victory Objectives for Throt the Unclean in the Vortex campaign
  • Norscan factions in the Vortex Campaign are now able to form trade agreements with other factions
  • Buildings in the building browser will now only show enabled recruitment of units that your faction has access to
  • The unit disband menu in the Flesh Lab is no longer lost when switching between armies
  • Units in Skaven separatist armies now show the augments symbol on their unit card if they have any
  • Intervention armies will now focus on ritual sites correctly
  • Mutant Rat Ogres now have a chance to not be knocked back, increasing their combat performance
  • Malevolent Branchwraiths (Beasts) will now cast Amber Spear

Good luck generals!

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