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Warhammer 40K: Dark Angel Rule Previews

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Jan 25

Games Workshop is showcasing some secrets from the upcoming Dark Angel codex. Check out these rule previews!

With a new codex coming to pre-order this weekend the Dark Angel rule previews from Games Workshop are rolling out. Get ready for them to shoot you off the board or get in close and personal with these new rules. The secretive Dark Angels are coming to the tabletop with a fury!

via Warhammer Community


The Dark Angel’s have their own psychic discipline known as Interromancy. It’s all about ripping those secrets from their enemies – on in this case, shutting down the enemy auras! Mind Wipe is sure to be a popular option due to the proliferation of aura abilities:

Sure you have to get within 18″ range of the character or unit with the aura you want to stop but this could really help neuter the enemy’s game plan. That pivotal re-roll or combat boost? GONE. Seems pretty solid as an option to me! And there is so much more.

Engulfing Fear is another power that is going to see some play time. While it’s not a direct damage power it’s got game altering potential. Why? Because it messes with a unit’s ability to score objective points. The -1 Leadership is nice and all, but stopping Objective Secured on a unit and possibly preventing it from performing actions is huge. You win games by scoring Objectives and denying your opponent their ability to do that is a tool I’m sure the Dark Angels are going to use wisely.

New Close Combat Relics

If you can’t shut down your opponent with your Psychic Powers, at least you’ll be able to clobber them in close combat. There are some new weapons in the Dark Angel’s arsenal that are looking pretty good.


This upgraded power maul/crozius arcanum not only hits like a truck it’s also got the added benefit for allowing you to bypass the attack sequence with some mortal wound generation. When you roll a 4+ on the wound roll you get to skip straight to 2 mortal wounds for damage. Not too shabby!  Speaking of cool close combat weapons the Dark Angels are getting a relic that can go on a vehicle!

Sure, this leans into the whole meme of “drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword” but it kind of makes sense for the Dark Angels in this case. The Ravenwing Talonmaster can have this sword and as a unit it’s ready to do some work from range or up close and personal.

New Stratagems

The Dark Angels are known for their staunch stubbornness. These two previewed stratagems show them thematically leaning into those concepts.



This one is weird and a bit wordy. Basically, only models that are within Engagement Range can actually attack the Dark Angels unit they are engaged with this turn. That means if you have a unit of 10 models and only 1 of them is within Engagement Range (1/2″ of an Dark Angel model) then only that model would get to attack – even if the other 9 models were somehow within 1/2″ of the engaged model (and would normally be allowed to attack).



The Dark Angels are borrowing a move from the Ultramarine’s playbook with this one. Falling Back and still being able to shoot is a nice way to keep those ranged units pumping out the damage. Plus you get to auto Fall Back. Just don’t call that unit “Fallen” Back…

New Doctrine

Who needs pistols when you can unload your Rapid Fire and Assault weapons in close-combat?! This one seems pretty cool and quite deadly. Sure, the BS goes up to 5+, but that’s still better than not shooting. Also, this is apparently just one part of the Dark Angel’s new doctrine Sons of the Lion. GW has more up their sleeve for this and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for even more info on it.


What do you think of the new Dark Angel Rule Previews?


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