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Warhammer 40K: New Sisters of Battle Paragon Warsuit Reveal

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Jan 23 2021
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The Sisters of Battle are getting in the armor game with the new Paragon Warsuit!

Looks like the Palantine model isn’t the only new Adepta Sororitas on the way. Check out this awesome looking new armor of faith – the Paragon Warsuit:


The Sisters are getting some fantastic new support with these battle suits. Taking a page from the Space Marine battlesuit playbook, these ladies are putting their battle armor inside even bigger battle armor. And it’s not just a single version of the armor either.

The Paragon Battlesuits are going to have all the classic Sisters of Battle heavy weapons: Heavy Bolters, Heavy Flamers, and Multi-meltas! Time to punish the Heretics and grant them the Emperor’s vengeance!



Exo-suits for the Sisters? I’m getting a Ripley vibe…

Author: Adam Harrison
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