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Warhammer 40K: Dark Angels Crusade Campaign Hunts The Fallen

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Jan 29

The Dark Angels have a terrible secret. With their new Crusade Campaign rules you’ll be able to help keep that secret safe – by hunting the Fallen!

Crusade Campaigns are a fantastic way to create an entire army for Warhammer 40,000.  Each new codex for 9th edition has their own unique take on some of the Crusade rules to help you start and build your own story for your army from the ground up. For the Dark Angels, it’s no different. Now you can join in the hunt for clues about the Fallen!

via Warhammer Community

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re actively hunting the Fallen to earn redemption for the Unforgiven, then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s the central theme of their campaign rules.

If your Crusade force contains any Dark Angels units, you’ll get to keep track of a fun new thing called Unforgiven points. You’ll gain one for every game you play, but you can also generate more with the help of Agendas and Battle Honours like the delightfully dark None Must Know.”

Interesting. The opponent has to pick five units that aren’t Dark Angels and those must be destroyed for the Dark Angels player to gain those Unforgiven points. The catch is that some of them could be the Dark Angel Player’s allies – if they so choose to take some. Cut-throat!

So what do you do with these Unforgiven points anyhow? Good Question. Once you gather 20 then the hunt for the Fallen is ON. Narratively, it represents the fact that you’ve located one of the Fallen – and now you have to catch them.


He’s over there!

Gameplay-wise, you get to play a mission within a mission.

“Before your next battle, after determining the mission and revealing your army rosters, you can choose to embark on a Capture mission. A Fallen model embeds itself in the enemy force and your job is to take them down while the opponent tries to protect them, all while the regular mission rages around you.”

The good news is that whoever completes this side mission will be rewarded with experience points so it’s absolutely worth going after. Spend those points on upgrading your forces and buy new Crusade Relics like these:

The Shield of Calloson bestows a 3+ invulnerable save. The Raven’s Eyes probably helps with your targeting. And the Lion’s Roar looks like a fancy combi-plasma weapon. And you can bet there are lots more rules for the relics of the Dark Angels.


The Dark Angel Codex is up for Pre-Order this weekend!

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