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Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Objectives & Special Rules

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Jan 17 2021
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Take a look at the newest Death Guard’s Secondary Objective rules and some army special abilities. All hail Grandfather Nurgle!

The Death Guard codex is in the studio and we’ve got a look at their new Secondary Objectives and Special Rules. Which options are you going to pick?

Death Guard Secondary Objectives

Personally, I like the Battlefield Supremacy option. It reminds me of old school table quarters with a twist! You can get a ton of points off that one if you remember to go for those objectives for the end-game push.

Alternatively if you want a constant stream of points No Mercy, No Respite offers a great way to score provided you can cause morale checks via Plague Weapons. It’s easier said than down however.

Army Special Rules

As far as the army special rules, most of these have been previewed by GW already. But here they are direct from the codex:

Plague Weapon is going to be a big boon for the Death Guard. Now you’re really going to want to keep track of which weapon counts towards that or not. It also helps with certain Deadly Pathogens…Remorseless means you’re Death Guard are going to keep fighting on. And Malicious Volleys is kind of like the Space Marine bolter discipline rule – but ya know, Nurgle’d up. And finally, Disgustingly Resilient got a pretty major tweak. Is it a buff? Is it a nerf? The answer is yes.

Overall, these rules make the Death Guard play a particular playstyle. They want to push up and take territory and really bully the enemy around with their superior durability. We’ll see if that actually pans out or if Death Guard players will have to look for different ways to win games.


The Death Guard Codex is up for Pre-order so if you’re looking to start a new army for them, now is the perfect time. Just be sure you wash your hands after handling!


Mortarion will be pleased…


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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