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Warhammer 40K: How Big Is The New Paragon Battlesuit

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Jan 26 2021
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The new Paragon Battlesuit – aka the Nundam (as the community has dubbed it) – has us wondering just how large it is. Let’s take a closer look to find out.

In case you missed the news the Sister of Battle are getting a new battlesuit miniature. It’s called a Paragon Battlesuit – but I don’t think that name is going to stick for some reason. But that’s not why we’re here. The new model got us wondering just how large this model actually is. Thankfully, GW left us some breadcrumbs to figure it out. It all starts in the video:

Sizing Up The Sisters

First up, the miniature:

It’s going to have multiple arm options and a few different shoulder-mounted weapons plus a few different melee weapons. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t exactly help with the scale. While the suit does have a sister riding in the middle, it’s hard to tell exactly how tall it is – that’s partly due to the fact that the legs of the model encase the Sister who is piloting it. But in the video above, we get a look at the miniature next to some good references:

Here’s a shot of the Paragon next two a pair of sisters. We can see they are roughly half the height of this model. That’s good to know. But here’s a better shot:


While the focal-point is on the Paragon Battlesuit, the sister to the right is holding up a chainsword and it’s just about the same height as it. This is a great indicator of the size. Now, let’s take the image of the ‘suit and compare it using this for scale. We can also use the head of the pilot to gauge the scale, too. So, I’ve taken the image of an Adepta Sororita with a sword and superimposed that on top of the battlesuit:

Now, sliding the infantry model to the side and moving it down so the bases line up, we get:



Now, is this 100% accurate? No. But it’s probably pretty darn close! It’s going to be off because as you can tell from the bases these two models were photographed at slightly different angles. But again, it’s close enough! There heads are the same size and that means their bodies were proportional to the pilot and the sister on foot. We’re at least in the same ballpark. But don’t the Sisters have another walker that’s around the same size, too? They do! The Penitent Engine:

If we take those two images and put them side-by-side we get this:

Again, there is a slight difference in the angle they were photographed at but the images were scaled the same (1000 x 1000 pixels). And, assuming those two models are in the same scale, it looks like the Paragon’s base might be slightly larger…In any case, it’s clear from the scaling that the Paragon is going to be roughly the same size as Penitent Engine and not Redemptor Dreadnought size. And definitely not Dreadknight sized!

So there you have it. Get ready for the Paragon Battlesuit to march to the tabletop soon enough!



Now… how many will be in a unit?

Author: Adam Harrison
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