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Warhammer 40K: Howling Griffons McFarlane Intercessor Part 4: Glamour Shots

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Jan 27

All done. Time to check out the final pics of the giant Howling Griffons Intercessor!

First you can catch up on the entire series here:

I don’t have any real terrain at this… whatever scale this is. So I cleared out all the leaves from a little spot by the foundation and set up some old rusty cans that had rolled off the deck ages ago. It seems like its all the same to him, and he is determined to defend it from the foes of the emperor. Not much more to say really except please enjoy the pictures!

The Pretty Pictures


All the purity seals all the time!

The Bolt Rifle really is enormous.


So happy to not have to drill out that barrel.

I’ll be a Lieutenant in no time!

Might want to take that armor in to your local techmarine next time you get back to the Fortress-Monastery.

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