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Warhammer 40K: New Dark Angel Character – Deathwing Strikemaster

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Jan 30

The Dark Angels are getting a new Deathwing Character to help lead the charge. Meet the Strikemaster!

We got our hands on Codex Dark Angels and are checking out all the goodies from the Dark Angels.  Today we’re taking a closer look at a new HQ option – the Deathwing Strikemaster. This character is perfect for your Deathwing and basically functions as a Lieutenant in Terminator Armor.

The Strikemaster

In many ways this unit is pretty meat-and-potatoes. While he’s a great option for a full Deathwing List, you can always run him in a non-Deathwing Dark Angels army. He’s still a Lieutenant and comes with all those abilities. Tactical Precision applies to all friendly Dark Angels Core units afterall. And because he’s got the Company of Heroes rule, you can add in a second Lieutenant without eating up all your HQ slots. Gear-wise, the default options are Powerfist/Stormbolter. However, if you want to get more exotic you absolutely can.

A thunder hammer, pair of lightning claws, master-crafted power sword, chainfist, storm shield or even a Mace of Absolution – all the typical terminator options are available. Also keep in mind that he can get teleported directly into battle where you need him. Hold him in reserve and plop him down to provide that Aura on the turn you really need it! Oh and don’t forget all those special Angels of Death rules – those still apply, too.

With a bevy of keywords and some helpful abilities the Deathwing Strikemaster is a great option for any Dark Angels list. If you need a Lieutenant with the staying power of a terminator, the Strikemaster is for you. A tough package for only 6 power level or 95 points (before wargear), he’ll slot into just about any list rather nicely.


What do you think of the new Deathwing Strikemaster? Will you be adding one to your collection?


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