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Warhammer 40K: New Death Guard Rule Previews

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Jan 11 2021
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Games Workshop has a new batch of Death Guard rules they are showcasing – come check them out!

The Death Guard are getting their new codex this weekend for Pre-Order and with that on the way, GW has decided to show off some of their new rules. These previews are looking mighty good for these followers of Nurgle so let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community

Mortarion’s New Groove (aka Warlord Traits)

So we got a look at Mortarion’s Datasheet and one big question we had was “what is his Warlord Trait?” Well, as it turns out, he’s got THREE. That’s a pretty big change and it’s also an example of things that could come into play for other big and important named characters down the road (looking at you Magnus).

Poxwalkers Get Tough(er)

They now hit on a flat 4+ in melee and also have a new toughness of 4. And to top it off, they also got a point drop. So get ready for even more of these pox-infected meatshields to swarm your tabletop.

Chaos Lords Got Tougher

Death Guard Chaos Lords got a stat bump. Here’s what GW said:


“While originally they had more in common with their unblessed peers among the Traitor Legions, now both Chaos Lords and Sorcerers of the Death Guard have Toughness 5, Contagions of Nurgle, and Disgustingly Resilient to better fit into your armies. No longer will they have to abide such an affront to their pride as matching the Toughness of their False Emperor-worshipping counterparts.”

Yep. Looks like these champions of Nurgle are going to be just as sick and disgusting to take on as the rest of the Death Guard.

Plague Company Contagion Teasers

Each Plague Company is getting their own brand of nasty to spread in the form of Contagions for their respective Warlord. Here’s a look at a pair we haven’t seen yet:


Deathshroud Terminator Boost

Not only did their Manreapers get a nice split profile of options, they also got a boost to their weapon skill making them hit on 2+. Furthermore, they also get to increase the range of their Contagions of Nurgle ability by 3″ thanks to their chimes of contagion. To top it off, don’t forget about inexorable advance and know that their second hearts are working overtime as their Cataphractii Terminator armor no longer slows their running speed down. Since when did those guys get faster? Since now apparently!

Custom Crusade Contagions

You didn’t think that the Death Guard would go without new Crusade rules did you? Of course not! You’ll be able to randomly determine a Vector, Infection, and Terminus for your own plagues. That’s on top of all those new and thematic Battle Traits, Requisitions and more for Crusade.

Foetid Bloat-Drones New Fleshmower

Because these guys weren’t nasty enough already, their Fleshmower got a nice change, too. Oh – and don’t forget they got a boost to their weapon skill that lets them hit on 3+ as well. So that’s going to be 12 attacks with a plague weapon that all hit on 3+. Enjoy the mowing down of your opponents, Bloat-Drone style!


Again, the new Death Guard book is going up for Pre-Order this weekend. Has it been worth the delay? I’m thinking it might just be…


The gifts of Nurgle are coming soon.

Author: Adam Harrison
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