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Warhammer 40K Next Week: Dark Angels, Primaris Elites, And Psychomancers

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Jan 24

It’s a big week for the grim darkness of the distant future–next weekend sees the pre-order release of a new codex and many minis.

The Dark Angels are back this coming weekend, with their codex going up for pre-order on Saturday. Big news for the boys in green–well, the boys in dark green, hm that doesn’t work either, look the Dark Angels are coming but orks have called dibs on anything green related, so they’ll just have to deal.

Difficulties in finding a nickname aside, it’s an exciting time for fans of the Dark Angels. Their new codex will update them so that all their wonderful toys are ready to play on your tabletop. Plus, you’ll have “narrative-driven content” that’s positively “bursting at the seams.”

The sons of the Lion are ready to take up the search for the Fallen once more. To aid them in this goal, they have a new codex supplement that’s bursting at the seams with narrative-driven content.

With bespoke datasheets, Warlord Traits, Relics, and a psychic discipline, as well as a suite of Crusade campaign rules that represent the sombre quest of the Unforgiven, it’s the essential Dark Angels companion to Codex: Space Marines.

The Dark Angels codex supplement is available as a handsome hardback, or as an opulent collector’s edition that features a beautiful soft-touch cover, decorated page edges, and a ribbon marker – perfect for when you want to do a bit of bedtime reading on the destruction of the Dark Angels’ homeworld.

Which is a nice way of saying you’ll probably read more about how they’re cool and dark and only a little treacherous. Just a little bit of Chaos. Not enough to ever hurt anyone, just ask Luther.


But that’s not all you’re getting this next weekend. Accompanying the Dark Angels codex supplement is a new Combat Patrol box which comes with Primaris Chaplain, Redemptor Dreadnought, Inceptors, and Intercessors, more than enough to get started or boost your collection.

Primaris Marines from all different chapters are getting reinforcements as well, with the release of the Storm Speeder. These are the new improved, Belisarius Cawl-designed takes on the Land Speeder. And like everything that’s been Primarisized, it’s bigger, and mostly involves cutting the front half off of a vehicle and replacing it with pulverizing anti-grav lifts. Alongside bigger bucket seats, Primaris marines in this vehicle can find one of three different variants. The anti-infantry Hailstrike, pictured above, as well as the armour-melting Hammerstrike, and the warhead-launching Thunderstrike, shown below:

Of course, you’ll need some elite guards to get in there and mix things up as well–which is good, because you’ll also be able to pre-order the Bladeguard Veterans, which means you can get some pretty hefty Primaris melee units in there.


But if you prefer your weapons heavy and your enemy’s vehicles destroyed, the Primaris Eradictors have you covered.

Finally, the amazing mini for the Necron Psychomancer is out too, and this one has been a long time coming.

So saddle up next weekend for all these amazing minis.

What do you think you’ll grab next weekend?

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