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Warhammer 40K: Ravenwing Rides Again – All New Rules Preview

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Jan 27

The Dark Angel Codex is coming and the 2nd Company is getting a new batch of rules so you can field the all-bike army of your Ravenwing dreams!

If you like Bikes and want to field and all-bike army then the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels should get your attention. With the new codex a new set of rules and stratagems  will allow you to roll-out on all the bikes you want and more. Let’s take a closer look!

via Warhammer Community

The 2nd Company

“The 2nd Company of the Dark Angels, known as the Ravenwing, are masters of the art of rapid assault, tearing across the battlefields of the 41st Millennium astride their jet-black vehicles. Like a flash of lightning before a thunderstorm, they form the vanguard of the First Legion’s many battle plans, carrying out vital reconnaissance and securing key objectives before the enemy has time to react.”

This rule helps to pave the way for your Ravenwing only Army. Now, all those Bikes and Outriders squads can actually take and hold objectives! That’s kind of a big deal in Warhammer 40,000 9th edition. Keep in mind you’ll be able to field more than just those bikes, too – the Ravenwing are known for their speeds and other aircraft. But all bikes IS pretty nice…

The Ravenwing is also interesting because it’s a place where your classic biker space marines will be able to hold their own with the new primaris space marines in concert. Units like the Black Knights or a Ravenwing Command Squad are still going to be very useful for Dark Angels players who want the all-bike experience. Furthermore, the Dark Angels are also getting even more custom goodness with their Combat Doctrines.

“In a first for a Space Marine Chapter, their special bonus to the Combat Doctrines ability is split into three parts that take effect in different turns.”


This is pretty unique for the Dark Angels. The bonus speed means they can get where they need to go on turn one and the second half of that ability means they can still pump out the shots. Volume fire weapons are going to be great for the Ravenwing’s first turn move-and-shoot.



New Stratagems

Games Workshop is also previewing two new stratagems for the Ravenwing to utilize in your games. Full Throttle and High-Speed Focus:



Turbo boost anyone? Depending on the size of the unit this stratagem will cost 1 or 2 CP. However, getting an additional 12″ move seems like it could really get you into a flank or objective-grabbing spot with most haste! Use this to get an early jump or late game objective snag.

And Jink is back! Kinda. Well, it’s a stratagem and it will cost you 1 CP to activate, but it brings a 4+ invulnerable save for particular Ravenwing Vehicle model.

Well it’s time for the Ravenwing to put the pedal to the metal and ride once more. The new Dark Angel Codex is coming soon!


What do you think of the Ravenwing’s new groove? Are you going to field the all-bike army?

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