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Warhammer 40K: Unboxing The Lord of Virulence

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Jan 18 2021

The Death Guard has a new Champion with the Lord of Virulence – let’s take a closer look at the miniature of this new beatstick!

We went over his stats this weekend and showed off his datasheet. And now we’re taking a closer look at his physical model. Unboxing the Lord of Virulence showed off just how cool this new character really is:

Lord of Virulence In His Plastic Glory

To kick things off, let’s talk about the assembly. It’s pretty easy. The only “tricky” part of this build was making sure the cape lined up on the back. I mentioned it in the video, but there is a section where the two cape sections attach. You want to make sure those two line up correctly. If you’re using plastic glue (like I did) you should be able to quickly get both cape sections into position to glue. If you need to make extra sure the connection is secure, you can put a line of plastic glue along the seam and that should seal it all up nice and tight.

There were also a lot of neat piping elements to this model. Lots of hoses and extra connectors which were a nice touch. Honestly, they kinda give this model a light steampunk touch. Depending on how you wanted to tackle the paint job it could end up being VERY steampunk with all the brass tubes and connectors you could paint – but that’s up to you.

One thing you might not know about this model is that it’s not on a typical terminator sized 40mm base. It’s on a larger and more cinematic 50mm base. That means if you wanted to get a bit more creative with the basing options you totally can. In fact, I’d recommend it! You could do some cool Nurgle Pustules or something equally gross. Or, you know, whatever matches your existing bases for your own Death Guard army.


Overall, it’s a neat build and fun model. I look forward to seeing what creative things the community does with it. Based on the Lord of Virulence rules, I’m pretty sure it’s going to pop-up in Death Guard lists in the very near future.

Lord of Virulence $35

Tubes and pipes erupt in profusion from the Lord of Virulence’s armour. These gout noxious fumes are putrid eruptions whose hue and stench guide the fire of artillery engines behind the lines. In their wake, their flensefrond cloaks leave a trail of sickening mucosal slime for hungry Daemon Engines to follow.

Lead your Death Guard army with the disgustingly awesome Lord of Virulence. Clad in his mutilated Terminator armour, he is adorned with the signs of symbols of Grandfather Nurgle’s many blessings. Armed with a twin plague spewer and plague claw, he is ready to spread these diseases across the galaxy. Covered in many different textures, the Lord of Virulence makes both an excellent painting project and spearpoint for your next Death Guard invasion.

Unfortunately, it does appear that the Lord of Virulence is currently sold out online. So be sure to contact your FLGS and see if you can get your hands on one from them!


The Bringer of Plagues, Lord of Virulence!


Author: Adam Harrison
  • Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Lord of Virulence Rules