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Warhammer 40K: Unboxing The Miasmic Malignifier

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Jan 20 2021

The Death Guard have a new fortification. Say hello to the pox-spreading Miasmic Malignifier in all it’s unboxing glory!

If you were wondering what was in the box of the Miasmic Malignifier we’ve got you covered. Take a look inside the box and a better look at the build model as well:

Plague Furnace of Nurgle

This thing is gnarly and gross in all the best Nurgle sorts of ways. Let’s start with the basic build info – it’s pretty easy to do. It comes with it’s own pre-textured and sculpted base. There are only 55-parts and it’s pretty easy to fit stuff together. There were a couple of slightly trickier pipe sections but on a difficulty scale of 1-10 (10 being hardest), this thing was like a 3, tops. So even inexperienced hobbyists should have a pretty fun time putting this one together.

The only things that I left off from the video were the hanging bell sections. They can hook onto the model and I knew that I would be moving the model around – I didn’t want them to fall or be in the way. But those will be on the final model. One thing that did surprise me was just how spiky this model ended up being. There were some big, jagged blades that came out of the model which were very chaosy in tone.

Another great thing about this model is just how hollow it is. I know that might sound like a weird thing to be excited about but if you’re looking for a project to add some LEDs or maybe even some smoke via dry ice, well, this thing is for you! That’s not a project for every Death Guard hobbyists out there, but I’m pretty sure some ingenious and ambition person out there is going to tackle those options.


I’m still not 100% sure if this model is supposed to be some type of still or furnace or what. I mean, it’s 40k and it’s from the grimdark future and all, but most of the time these models have some basis in reality. I can see Poxwalkers and Death Guard Plague Marines manning one of these, loading it up with rotten wood and various plague serums, and letting it spew out thick, black clouds of pathogens. I get it thematically. I’m just not understanding it physically. It’s more like a BBQ smoker or copper pot still instead of a science lab or engine furnace.

In anycase, this model is currently sold out on GW’s website. So if you want one, I’d recommend contacting your FLGS and getting one on pre-order sooner rather than later. It’s slated for release in store this weekend.

Miasmic Malignifier $60

“Festooned with swaying plague censers and tainted bells, Miasmic Malignifiers belch thick clouds of miasmal fumes from their rusted chimneys. Sown like spores across target worlds, they are parasites that suck filth from the ground and latch themselves on to local infrastructure, polluting the world on every level.

Spread your toxic presence across every world that your army comes to with the Miasmic Malignifiers. Made up of the main chimney and the smaller pox furnace, it’s a great way to bring the blessings/curses (delete as appropriate) of Nurgle to your tabletop. It’s also designed to sit neatly atop the Sector Mechanicus Ferratonic Furnace, making a truly immense engine of corruption.”



And it block line-of-sight well, too!

Author: Adam Harrison
  • GW Rumor Engine: The Paws & Claws