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Warhammer Fantasy: Vermintide 2’s New Patch

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Jan 28

Vermintide 2 has released a new update, Patch 4.1, which includes several fixes to the Grail Knight, Outcast Engineer, and more!

Get ready to sweep through the Old World, a new patch is out for Vermintide 2 with many fixes that should help speed the game along. Interestingly enough, this patch is also part recon mission–it includes telemetry capture for Fatshark so they can see how the new networking changes rolled out in the last update are taking hold. Check out the latest from Fatshark!

via Fatshark

Verintide 2: Patch 41.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed the Grail Knight talent “Virtue of Knightly Temper” not giving temporary health when using “Lady’s Wrath” when triggering an insta kill.

  • Fixed the Piston Power buff sticking around after swapping out the talent in the Keep.

  • Fixed a visual bug where it didn’t look like players got all experience they should.

  • Fixed a visual bug where it looks like you gain extra levels quicker than you actually do.

  • Fixed the “Have at thee Varlet!” challenge not being able to be progressed without owning the Grail Knight DLC.

  • Fixed a glitch on the first frame of the Crossbow ‘on-wield reload’ animation.

  • Fixed an animation bug for the Repeating Handgun when reloading while firing the first quick shot.

  • Fixed an interaction between Bardin’s Ale and Speed Potion’s that could cause attack speed to be increased indefinitely.

  • Fixed crash on first startup for some players.

  • Fixed crash when client gets disconnected while being affected by a buff that grants invisibility.

  • Fixed Outcast Engineer’s ‘cranking talents’ not being removed while swapping talents of the same row.

  • Fixed Grail Knight bots sometimes getting stuck in an ability stance when he tries to use it while players are disengaging from enemies.

  • Fixed some situations where the bullet trails from Outcast Engineer would originate from a fixed position in an environment and not from the player.

  • Fixed the fire rate of the Crank Gun ramping up if you quickly released the fire button on first shot and hold again.

  • Fixed the Masterwork Pistol triggering reload animations when picking up ammo.

  • Fixed the reload animation not playing if a ranged weapon is wielded with an empty clip.

  • Fixed the required number of headshots needed for Outcast Engineer’s “Targeting Array” challenge. Previously this was 5 but is now 20 as intended.

  • Made Sienna’s Abandon talent not be affected by damage reduction.

  • Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.


Dark Omens

  • Fixed a spot where Bardin could space program his way out of the map.

  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn behind a point of no return.

  • We’ve added a failsafe so additional standard bearers will spawn if existing ones are killed before planting their banners until the requisite number of banners has been destroyed.

Garden of Morr

  • Fixed a placement issue with a few enemy spawners.

  • Fixed a spot where bots had a tendency to yeet themselves off the map.

  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit.

  • Fixed so that Grandmother’s Zingler’s Bones is interactable in situations where it wasn’t previously.

Old Haunts

  • Fixed a softlock if you killed the Chaos Warrior prior to him opening the gate in the Gargoyle room. If this happens, the gates will open automatically after a short time.

  • Fixed a spot at the church where enemy pathing was squiffy.

  • Fixed a spot where bots could get stuck.

War Camp

  • Added more spawners for hordes to spawn from.

  • Fixed a spot that bots would not traverse.

  • Fixed a spot that enemies would not navigate correctly.

  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck.

  • Fixed a tent with no collision.

  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit.

  • Fixed some AI pathing issues.\

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