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Warmaster Titan Reigns Supreme – New Rules Previews

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Jan 26

When it comes to Warhammer Titans in Adeptus Titanicus, the Warmaster is the newest Heavyweight champ. Check out it’s new rules on the tabletop!

When you consider the fact that a to scale Emperor Titan for Adeptus Titanicus would probably be the size of a baby, the Warlord Titan was probably about as big Adeptus Titanicus was going to go…until now. Games Workshop has introduced a completely brand new Titan to the mix. We saw a look at the model on Saturday and now we’re getting a closer look at all it’s fantastic new rules!

via Warhammer Community

It’s Big!

To kick things off, the command terminal for this titan is the largest one out there. Five different weapon options plus an ancillary reactor slot, it’s got more options than anything in the game. The terminal is roughly twice the size of any other titan, and that’s saying something!

And let’s not discount the expanding damage and crit tracks for this beast of a machine. It’s got to be durable since it’s going to take a pounding due to it’s sheer size, right? Kinda hard to miss this one on the battlefield. The extra damage spots are also supplemented by SEVEN void shields. Oh and for repairs it’s packing a whopping six servitor clades. This god-machine is going to be able to soak damage and repair any that gets through!

Points wise, you’re paying for it. It’s going to run you more than two Warlords in points! So how will you even fit this in your lists? Well, obviously you’re going to want to play in large engagements with this walking fortress – and you’ll need to use the special Auxiliary Titan rule, too:


Yeah, this isn’t meant for a small skirmish.

Bring On The Boom

If you noticed from the model, it’s packing some incredible firepower. So what are we looking at in terms of damage output? I’ll let GW explain:

“The Warmaster’s primary armaments are its paired suzerain class plasma destructors, devastating upscaled plasma guns that hit like, well, devastating upscaled plasma guns. Three dice at Strength 11 is brutal – and with the weapon traits allowing that to rise to Strength 13 and roll a D10 for damage at short range, little will stay standing after a volley from two of these.”

And remember folks, it’s packing TWO of those. Queue mechanical laughter. And that’s just the arms – it’s also got some MORE nasty firepower. Like the revelator missile launcher:


And then there are all the OTHER options:

Take your pick. The Warmaster can be kitted out for a specific role or you can mix stuff up to make it a great generalist machine of death. And we haven’t even gotten to the ancillary reactors yet…

“Another way to customise your Warmaster is by choosing one of the two ancillary reactor systems. Perhaps you’ll use plasmatic locomotors, which give your behemoth a speed boost at the cost of reducing accuracy when you use movement-based orders. Or maybe you’d prefer a one-time increase to your ability to vent the Warmaster’s reactor (super useful after powering up your plasma destructors) from the Infusive Supercoolant card.”

YEP! This thing is a maniple unto itself. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT strong (but it kind of is). Whatever the case, it’s going to bring the pain and if you invest in this Titan of mass destruction it’s going to pay some dividends! Really though, the key takeaway here is:

It’s Big.



What do you think of the Warmaster Titan? How about it’s rules?!

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