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Age of Sigmar: Daughters of Khaine Endless Spells Are Super Bloody

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Feb 11

The new Endless Spells for the Daughters of Khaine are bringing the gore to a new level. Wait till you see what they actually do on the tabletop!

In addition to a new Battletome coming out the Daughters of Khaine are also getting three new Endless Spells. Not only are these three fantastic looking models, but they have some potent in game effects, too. Let’s take a closer look – just try to avoid getting any on your clothes.

via Warhammer Community

Bloodwrack Viper

“The Bloodwrack Viper is a predatory endless spell that coils around its victims and crushes them before striking with its monstrous fangs. “

This Endless Spell has the potential to kill 3 models a turn – as long as you roll equal to or over their Wounds characteristic. Yep – multi-wound models aren’t safe from this spell. And Characters better look out from this one, too.



Another Predatory Endless Spell, the Bladewind is great for taking on those horde units that need to be dealt with.

So to start off – yeah, that looks like a pretty big copy/paste error from the text there. But from the looks of things, it’s going to dish out Mortal Wounds for any units it moved over or ended within 1″ of its move. D3 Mortal Wounds is nothing to sneeze at. Furthermore, it’s going to prevent cover modifiers to save rolls for units within 12″ of this model. It also appears to cause another characteristic check or a model is slain. It’s also possible that multiple models are slain – but, again, the text is a bit garbled up at the end.

Heart of Fury


“The Iron Heart of Khaine has long been an important icon for the Daughters of Khaine. Now, you can summon a manifestation of it, called the Heart of Fury, to protect your army from the worst that your enemy can throw at you.”


Reducing damage by way of this Endless Spells is nice. However, it’s kind of funny that the “Locus of the Murder God” is actually a protection spell and not a damage enhancer. I mean, it’s a manifestation of the Iron Heart of Khaine so maybe this ability could have been named something else…but hey, it’s still a good spell when used in conjunction with the right units.

Now I’ll just need to google “How to get blood out of clothes…”

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