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Age of Sigmar: Daughters of Khaine’s Queens Get Nerfed

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Feb 13

The Slaughter Queen and Hag Queen each caught a blow from the nerf bat. Come see what’s happened to them.

The Daughters of Khaine were a suprisingly resilient and very punchy army – at least when you brought the right characters to boost your units. Two of the characters that did a lot of the heavy lifting were the Slaughter Queen and the Hag Queen. Both are still pretty mean force multipliers but now you’re going to have to be a bit smarter about using them.

First up, the Slaughter Queen. Let’s take a look at her old profile and abilities:

Take a special note of Pact of Blood and Orgy of Slaughter in particular. Now, let’s look at the new version:

She lost a Bravery and also Pact of Blood is not on her Warscroll any more. But perhaps more importantly, Orgy of Slaughter got a pretty big wording change. It used to be 14″ within of this model. It now reads wholly within 12″ of this model. Not only did this ability lose 2″ off the effective range, the target unit also has to be wholly within the aura for them to get their extra round of attacks.

Having been on the receiving end of this ability many times, this is a pretty big deal. Daughters of Khaine players will have to be even more mindful of positioning than before. Or just take Morathi…But that’s another topic.


Morathi – Still GOOD.

Next up, the Hag Queen. Same as before, let’s check her old sheet and compare it to the new one:

This one isn’t at bad at first glance. The Hag Queen actually wounds on a 3+ now. But on the flip side Witchbrew got worse:


It used to be an automatic re-roll for wound rolls for the target unit and they were immune to battleshock. But now, it’s not an automatic application of those abilities. It’s also not an auto-fail either as you can increase your chances with the right boosts. Witchbrew is still good and worth trying to apply – but it’s just not quite as potent as the previous vintage.


If you were playing Daughters of Khaine from the previous book you’re going to want to make some tweaks to your tactics. They will still be tough and deadly – just watch those ranges and stack those buffs appropriately!


Long live the Queens!

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