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Age of Sigmar: Hedonites & Daughters of Khaine Shockers

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Feb 15

Two new Battletomes are out for the Mortal Realms, and there are a lot of surprises – even for Sigvald!

The two new Battletomes are up for preorder and will be hitting the shelves in a week. But we’ve already gone through all the background looking for some new tasty nuggets. Here’s what we found:

Slaanesh’s Newborn Form

We get the story of Morathi’s apotheosis from the point of view of Slaanesh. When Morathi’s ritual sends her into the belly of Slaanesh and she began to gorge on Aelf souls, the action snapped yet another of the paradoxical chains binding the Dark Prince – the Chaon of Stolen Apotheosis wrapped around Slaanesh’s neck.

The Dark Prince realized he would only have this one chance, and cast forth “a shard of his truest and most vile essence” into the Mortal Realms. It came to rest in Ulgu, and its cries began to draw forth Slaaneshi followers from across the realms. Even as they pilgrimage to the site, they argue among themselves on whether the newborn is truly the Dark Prince reborn, or merely a shadowy reflection of their master.

Glutos’ Rise to Power

Glutos Orccollion began life as a filed merchant in Hysh. Reduced to stealing, and dying of hunger he stole from a daemonic ritual and ate some of the spoils – onto to discover to his horror he had consumed a summoned Slaaneshi Daemon. It cursed him with unquenchable hunger that only the most forbidden and exotic of delicacies could quench. Consuming first the dead, then wizards, then onward and onward, Glutos’ power and appetite grew along with his girth.

Now the Lord of Gluttony leads a mighty army dedicated to overindulgence of a culinary bent. Followers flock to him and he is surrounded by a court of specialists from warriors to chefs who meet his every need. Each victory is followed by Grand Banquet, where the vanquished suffer a fate best not dwelled upon. But always he keeps a mirror at hand, where he communes with the Daemon that is ever linked to his soul.

Sigvald’s Twisting Path

Sigvald surprisingly was abandoned by Slaanesh after the destruction of the World That Was. His spirit left to drift in the blackness outside of the realms – spurned by Slaanesh for allowing himself to be killed by a Troggoth king. He would have been lost to the Dark Prince forever if it was not for the works of Nagash! The Great Necromancer sought out Sigvald’s soul in vengeance for the loss of mighty followers in the End Times by Sigvald’s hand.

Nagash prepared a perfect vengeance for one so vain – imprisoning him in a mirror, that would only show Sigvald those who viewed it, made to look perfect – and forever unable to see himself. This mirror Nagash placed in the doomed city of Shadespire. Over eons, Sigvald learned to exert his will over the mirror in a way and tricked a Slaaneshi champion into smashing it by twisting his reflection. In that moment, Slaanesh recalled his lost champion and restored a newly empowered Sigvald back to life. He quested into the Realm of Chaos, into the Palace of Pleasure, and there bartered locks of his hair for a new blade, Shardslash. Now fully equipped and immortal, Sigvald quests for his revenge against Nagash – to repay him for his insult. His focus is on the Ossiarch Empire.


Malerion’s Home

In Battletome Daughters of Khaine we get more information on Malerion and the name of his seat of power. When Morathi first awoke in the Mortal Realms she was a hideous beast, weakened, and grew more bitter when she encountered Malerion. Her son (aka WFB’s Malekith) who was given power over shadows and immortality. She had no choice to join forces for survival and together, they created the city of Druchiroth, “the ruling seat for the largest of the thirteen kingdoms of Ulgu”.

Malerion refused to share power in Ulgu, and instead granted Morathi a small parcel of land in the Umbral Veil, a place of dark insanity. There she unexpectedly raised her city of Hagg Nar, which paled in comparison to Sigmar’s Azyr, or Malerion’s “dark majesty of Druchiroth”. Only out of desperation would Teclis, Tyrion, and Malerion enlist Morathi’s information and skills to trap and imprison Slaanesh. But as always, Morathi exacted a price… in souls.

~I can’t wait to see where the Broken Realms Series is going! Bring on the New Dark Elves!

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