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Age of Sigmar: Hedonites of Slaanesh Rules Preview

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Feb 12

Games Workshop is pulling the covers off the excesses of the Hedonites of Slaanesh with a rules preview!

If you’ve been wondering how the new mortal followers of Slaanesh were going to function next to their more daemonic counterparts you’re not alone! Today, GW is showcasing some of the new rules for the Hedonites and we’re going to learn what to expect when you’re excessing.

via Warhammer Community

Myrmidesh Painbringers


These new models are looking great – but what can they do on the tabletop? Well, they have a few flashy tricks up their sleeves. They aren’t just tougher than less armored Hedonites, they also pack a punch.

Extra mortal wounds on 6s to wound? Seems very Slaaneshi! And again, those are in addition to any other damage.


Symbaresh Twinsouls

Those weapons look brutal – merciless even. Do you wonder what they do? Well wonder no longer!

And it’s not just those weapons that you need to watch out for. Their Fracture Souls cause them to do some more funky stuff on the tabletop, too:

Planning ahead and using the right aspect on the right turn is going to be part of mastering this army. Also note that you have to switch aspects in each battle round. Both abilities are good but having the right one active on the right turn could be a game swinging turn.


Blissbarb SeekersĀ 

These seekers are going to have a 14″ move. Couple that with their ranged attacks and you’ve got one heck of a harassment unit. They aren’t slouches in close combat either. It’s not their preferred method of destruction, but they can do a reasonable number of attacks.

Oh and if you though that all that running and gunning was going to be a problem for their shooting attacks guess again:

How far did you need them to go? Cause they can get there for you.

Sigvald, Prince of Slaanesh


And finally we’ve got a look at Sigvald’s rules. They are almost as stunning as his new miniature! First up, he swings first:

If Sigvald gets the charge off, he’s going to fight at the start of the combat phase. And his weapon of choice is Shardslash which has some special rules of its own:

That’s a pretty deadly weapon profile for sure. But how many attacks? Good question. Depends on your charge roll:

So, just for reference, Sigvald’s minimum charge distance is 5″. And his attacks are equal to either 5 or his unmodified charge roll – whichever is higher. That’s going to sting. Oh and then there is this note from GW:

“As an added bonus, any wounds Shardslash inflicts cannot be negated, making Sigvald one of the most reliable assassins in the game. “

Oof. Okay, that’s pretty good. I’d like to see the full text of that rule for sure but it sounds like it bypasses other wound mitigation abilities and that makes him pretty darn scary for a lot of armies that rely on those mechanics to stay in the fight.


There new battletome is up for Pre-order this weekend. Get ready for the Dark Prince’s forces to make one heck of an entrance!

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