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GW Rumor Engine: Off With Their Heads

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Feb 09

Heads will roll in the latest Rumor Engine from Games Workshop.

Today’s Rumor Engine is a grotesque sight. Two poor souls have lost their heads and found them on the pointy end of some very sharp objects. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:

via Warhammer Community

“We thought about getting a mechanic to take a look at the Rumour Engine to see if we could receive complete pictures instead of close-ups, but they took one look under the hood and haven’t stopped screaming since.! So, we’ve fuelled it up and turned the ignition key to get another glimpse of the future instead.”

Glimpse of the future indeed! So what are we looking at here? Well from first glance it sure looks like an Ogor head on a pike or banner. And that other head? Well those ears look pointy from this angle. Could it be an Aelf? Does that rule out the factions of Destruction (probably not) and Order (probably)? That leaves Death or Chaos (or maybe some OTHER Destruction sub-factions).

The Banner is also interesting. It doesn’t look like a finely crafted polearm. The wood isn’t completely smooth and it looks roughly hewn. It’s hard to tell of the weapon is a harpoon or something a little rusty. Also, I think the Aelf head is hanging from a hook that is an earring on the Ogor’s head. Do you suppose the Ogor head came that way or was the Aelf head added post mortem?

I hear they might be into strange piercings.


In any case, this is a strange and ominous Rumor Engine to be sure. Do you think it was Death or Chaos? Or perhaps Destruction had a little infighting to settle? We’ve got shared our thoughts and questions – now it’s your turn! Who do you think this bit belongs to? Let us know your best guesses in the comments below and play along!


I’m gonna go with “Vampires did it” for this one. Heads on pikes is a very Vlad thing, right?

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