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Age of Sigmar: Sigvald – Beautiful Bland Beatstick

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Feb 16

The Prince of Slaanesh does two things rather well: Looks pretty and kills stuff. Sigvald is a beautifully bland beatstick for the Hedonites of Slaanesh.

If you haven’t seen the new releases for the Hedonites of Slaanesh, they are up for pre-order. And one of the main stars of the show is Sigvald, the Prince of Slaanesh. Make no mistake about it he is a scary combatant in close combat. Unfortunately, that’s kind of all he’s got going for him rules wise. Let’s take a closer look.

Just going off the Warscroll, he’s got way less rules to keep track of than say…The Lord of Gluttony. Comparatively, he’s lean, mean and ready to fight! He’s only got 6 wounds and a 6″ move. But that might be enough to get the job done because he’s tougher than he looks. Plus he’s got a 3+ armor save built in. He’s also go the Mirror Shield that negates wounds on a 4+. Make no mistake, there are going to be games with him where he’s going to roll hot and be unkillable. But there will be games when he gets dropped like a sack of bricks in a single round.

Ability-wise, Sigvald does a way to strike first provided he charged. That’s Glorious Reborn and it pairs nicely with Powered by Vainglory. He gets a flat +3 to the charge rolls which means his minimum charge is always 5″. Not bad! You’ll have lots of room to maneuver him to get the charge as he can cover a lot of distance to get into combat. Also, the ability dictates how many attacks he’s going to get. It’s either 5 or up to 12 attacks! Like I said above when Sigvald is rolling hot, he’s going to be unkillable (only in this case, he’s going to do a lot of killing).

Shardslash is his trusty blade and it’s got a pretty good profile. 2+ to hit, 3+ to wound, -2 Rend and D3 Damage. Not bad at all! Again, with anywhere from 5 to 12 attacks, he can murder a whole unit with the right rolls. The Wounds inflicted by Shardslash also can’t be negated! Do you have some extra “Ward” save or “Feel No Pain” type save? Sorry – doesn’t apply here.


But that’s pretty much it. Is it enough? Well, as stated he’s got some unit-killing potential. However, you’re really going to send in some support with Sigvald to ensure that he doesn’t get in over his head. If you can keep a unit that can either buff him or keep up with him nearby he’s going to be leaps and bounds more effective. Slaanesh has plenty of tricks within the battletome, too. So be sure to explore those options to get the most out of this beautifully bland beatstick.



Sigvald – he doesn’t do much, but what he does, he’s really good at!

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