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Age of Sigmar: The Lord Of Gluttony Rules Are Overflowing

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Feb 13

Glutos Orscollion’s warscroll is overflowing with rules. Check out what the Lord of Gluttony does on the tabletop!

I doubt anyone looked at the model for the Lord of Gluttony and said, “I think it needs more stuff going on.” It’s a DENSE model and it’s packed full of character and Slaaneshi goodness. Which is to say it’s excessive and opulent. So it’s a good thing it’s got a full page of rules for players to chew on in the game:


Glutos Orscollion has a wide berth of rules. Much like Kataros, he’s got attendants and as the unit takes wounds, those attendants are lost and so are their abilities. Also note, for rules purposes, the companions are treated as mounts. So what the heck does the Lord of Gluttony do? Let’s pick apart this 12 course meal of rules.

First up, he’s got The Grand Gourmand rule. This ability applies cumulative abilities as the game round advances. Fittingly, these abilities are all based around food.

  • Battle Round 1 – Aperitif – boosts Bravery of Mortal Hedonite units within 6″ by 1
  • Battle Round 2 – Starter –  Run and Charge in the same turn.
  • Battle Round 3 – Main Course – Friendly Mortal Hedonite wholly within 12″ do not take battleshock tests.
  • Battle Round 4 – Dessert –  You may replace a Spell and this model can cast 1 extra spell a round in the hero phase.
  • Battle Round 5 – Digestif – Re-roll casting, dispelling and unbinding rolls for this model.

This makes for a pretty versatile unit. It’s going to surprise folks when it runs and charges into battle on the second turn and then also makes all friendly Mortal Hedonites wholly within 12″ immune to battleshock on the following turn. And they stack!

The Lord of Gluttony is a pretty large model as well and that would normally make for a bit target. Unfortunately for his opponents, he’s got the Fog of Temptation that subtracts 1 from hit rolls by enemies within 12″ of this model. This can make him a surprisingly resilient target and a great debuffer as well. He’s also a solid caster with a +1 to casting, dispelling and unbind rolls thanks to The Lerstave of Loth’shar.


Companion Abilities

Now let’s swap gears and take a closer look at his buddies.

Painbringer Kyazu – He’s one of your harder hitting companions wielding the Wailing Greatblade. Any unmodified 6s to wound cause 2 mortal wounds and the attack sequence ends.

Lashmaster Vhyssk – re-roll charge rolls for this model. Pretty straight forward and combos really well with the Battle Round 2 ability – Starter.

Priestess Dolece – During your hero phase on a 2+, this unit gets a chance to ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a 5+. Seems solid!


Mysterious Creature – Nothing. But he’s here and ready to party.

Command Abilities

Gorge of Excess is a way for Hedonite units to get some wounds back. This one may cause some questions later. Basically, if there are leftover wounds from an attack that destroyed an enemy unit, the attacking Hedonite unit gets to turn those excess wounds into healing for their unit. Does that mean you get to bring models back? Does that mean you can go above your starting number of models? I’m a maybe on the first question and a “probably not” on the second. I’d like to do some more research on this one though.


Crippling Famishment is the Lord of Gluttony’s signature spell. On a 7+, pick an enemy unit within 18″ and halve their move, run, and charge rolls until the end of your next hero phase. Pretty straight forward and also pretty punishing!

The Slaanesh Party Bus is going to be a thing and I would not be shocked to see lists built around this unit. Not only is a fantastic centerpiece model, it’s also a great support unit and can hold its own in combat, too.

Download the rules HERE

Glutos Orscollion, Lord of Gluttony



Is it a Pain Train or a Party Bus? The answer is yes.

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