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Announcing the FLG 40k Events 2021 Express Pass!

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Feb 10

Do you want to save money on FLG 40k event tickets AND be sure to never miss out on the events you want to go to once it is safe to attend? Then the FLG 40k 2021 Events Express Pass is perfect for you!

Save almost 25% on your FLG 40K events!

Do you want to save money on FLG 40k event tickets AND never miss out on the events you want to go to once it is safe to attend? Then the FLG 40k 2021 Events Express Pass is perfect for you!

  • Save Money! Average savings of 23% over buying tickets individually.
  • Never Miss Out! Early registration for your favorite events so you never risk it selling out before you get your ticket.
  • Covid Proof! The Express Pass is good through the end of 2022 giving you over 14 Major 40k events to choose from!

Strictly limited to 300 Express Passes: act now!

Grab your Express Pass, here!

Covid Proof Event Tickets!

The flexibility of this Express Pass means you can choose any 3 of our 40k events through the end of 2022 and be assured you will have a spot with no fuss or stress of an event selling out or being cancelled.

You can pick the events whenever you want. As an Express Pass holder you will be alerted via email when an event is being prepped for general registration. You will have the opportunity to register at that time–before anyone else–with one of your 3 event credits.

We have over 14 Major 40k Events on the Way!

Between the time of this writing and the end of 2022 we have over 14 major 40k events planned from New Orleans to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego and more! Just pick your favorite 3 events and rest assured your spot at the event is safe and can be easily moved forward in the instance Covid causes an event to be rescheduled.

Here is our schedule outline for annual FLG Events!

  • Las Vegas Open: Las Vegas, NV: January (2022 event)
  • February: TBA (2022 event)
  • Bay Area Open: Burlingame, CA: May (2022 event)
  • Atlantic City Open: Atlantic City, NJ: June
  • July: TBA
  • Las Vegas Team Tournament: Las Vegas, NV: September
  • SoCal Open: San Diego, CA: October
  • New Orleans Open, LA: December
  • More in the works!


Nuts and Bolts:

The FLG 40k Events 2021 Express Pass is a virtual ticket good for any three 40k events of your choice run by Frontline Gaming through the end of 2022. Not only do you save an average of 23% off of the standard ticket price, you also get to register for the events before general registration opens so that you never have to worry about missing out on a popular event.

The Express Pass allows you to alert us when you would like to attend an event in advance and reserve a spot. If the event is rescheduled due to Covid, you simply select the next event you’d prefer to apply it to.

  • *For the Las Vegas Open 2022, FLG 40k 2021 Events Express Pass Holders will register at the same time as LVO High Rollers.
  • *For 40k Team Tournament format events, the Express Pass will cover one team member’s portion of the overall price and allows the Express Pass holder to register their entire team early.
  • *This pass covers the 40k Event portion of a ticket to an FLG Event. In the instance an event requires a Convention Badge, that must be purchased separately. 
  • *This is a virtual product, you will not receive a physical ticket. You will register for events digitally. 
  • *The Express Pass may only be used to purchase 1 of any individual event pass. I.e. a single 40k Championships ticket for the SoCal Open, 1 40k Narrative Ticket for the LVO, etc.
  • *Due to the nature of this special offer, these tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

As ever, if you’ve got any questions, we’ll be happy to help. Just shoot us a line: [email protected]

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