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AoS: Old World Brings New Goodies! The Return of Kislev and Cathay?

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Feb 07

Just because it’s in a video game doesn’t mean it can’t hit the tabletop.

With the trailer for Total War: Warhammer 3 floating around now, we’ve seen some of the starting factions for the upcoming game, and floating among them is the icy kingdom of Kislev. We also saw rumblings that Cathay would eventually be joining the fray, and as awesome as that is, the video later talking about it is the real prize. Two of the main consultants working with Creative Assembly are also on the design team for the upcoming Old World tabletop, and they seemed to be slipping about which game they were talking about. Sooooo…does that mean Kislev and Cathay are coming to the Old World? I certainly hope so, and if they do, here’s three units that I hope they bring with them, listed by likelihood.

Bear Riders

If Kislev comes at all, we will definitely get armored bear riding Hussars, one of the most iconic Kislevian motifs. I’d love the reintroduction of the old Boyar model, and it would be really cool to see the Tzarina get one as well. They would be an interesting heavy cavalry option, perhaps an answer to Juggernauts, and hopefully, they would sacrifice a bit of speed in exchange for power. It would also be interesting to see them get some kind of ice aura as well, similar to what some of the Beastclaw Raiders have, or give them more Rend thanks to the ice magic adorning the lances and blades.

Celestial Dragons

Dragons and monsters are a huge part of Warhammer and Age of Sigmar, so if we bring in the Dragon Empire, we have to bring their beasties with them. Celestial Dragons could be a fun alternative to standard fantasy variants, offering a more intellectual creature that could perhaps cast spells or maybe even be Ethereal. It would be especially cool if we got a few “lesser” dragons that fought as a unit, or a unit that rides such beasts into battle. REally, whatever happens, I just want to see some Eastern dragons go toe to toe with modern fantasy or even the Stardrakes.



Whether they get their own book or are folded into Cathay’s army, I would love to see some forces from Nippon. Back in the day, I had several fan-made army books that my friends and I would use to play out epic but unrepresented battles, and Nippon was one of my favorites. I think any introduction of Eastern factions should include them, but I’ll probably convert such an army myself even if it doesn’t.

What do you think is coming to the Old World?

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