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D&D: Level Up’s “Advanced” Adept

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Feb 28

Monks are getting some big changes in the upcoming “Advanced 5th Edition” ruleset. Come take a look at the latest from Level Up.

Get ready to punch your way to victory in Level up, the “Advanced 5th Edition” ruleset coming to you soon from EN World, because they’ve just dropped their latest playtest document and this time they’re tackling the Monk, which is renamed to the Adept in the new rules. And the Adept takes the concept of an unarmed fighter and runs wild with it, exploring in much more than just the “martial arts master” trope that the core class sticks to. Come see what’s changed for Adepts in Level Up!

via Level Up

Welcome to the 10th Level Up playtest document. This playtest contains a candidate for the first 10 levels of the game’s adept class. The adept is a renaming of the monk of O5E, and allows us to portray a wide variety of unarmed combatants.

The Adept moves away from the vague martial arts monk flavor of the monk, instead embracing all sorts of people who “train their bodies and hone their minds to perfection”. What does that all mean to you? Well the Adept explores all sorts of new ground, and all of it comes through unarmed combat. Let’s take a look.

First up adepts have options. No longer are you required to be the unarmed and unarmored warrior. Adroit Defense, which grants you proficiency with light armor and which lets you use your Strength mod for your AC instead of your Dex. Of course, if you prefer the same Unarmored defense you know and love, that’s there too.

And like all of the other Level Up classes we’ve seen before, the Adept gains Exploration Knacks, which do things like let you increase your movement speed, triple your jump distance, or run across water without falling.

The real workhorse of the Adept though is their Focus Feature, which are kind of like Warlock Invocations but for Adepts, and you get one every level starting at 3rd. There are a wide variety of options here, some have level requirements, some don’t. But you’ll see things like:


And the best part of this is you can build your Adept as you level up. So you might start with an ability like Deflect Missiles at 3rd level and then pick up something that lets you regain hit points to be more defensive, or you might pick up a technique like powerful blow which lets you deal extra damage with a weapon, and complement it with some of the new weapon-focused options here.

All in all, the direction the new class is headed looks exciting! Check it out for yourself below:

Download the Adept Playtest Today

Happy Adventuring!

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