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D&D: Make Beautiful 3-D Battle Maps For Free

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Feb 1 2021

Looking to level up your encounter maps? Check out this free, in-browser 3-D D&D mapmaker, and get started with gorgeous, living maps.

One of the few advantages to playing D&D online all of the time is the increase in “production value” for any given session. For most of us, that is. We can’t all be Matt Mercer and have a room full of Dwarven Fortress terrain and the time it takes to paint it all to be table-top and camera ready. But mapmaking tools and virtual tabletops mean you can pretty easily get some gorgeous visuals.

But Battlemapp looks to take this idea even further, giving you not just a flat 2-D map (though you can do that too) but with it you get the tools to create gorgeous 3-D maps that you can move characters around in. Battlemapp is a free in-browser map making tool that is surprisingly robust. Take a look.

As tabletop RPG fans our games changed dramatically during lockdown and we began to use video conferencing much more. Other tools seemed clunky to us so I made a custom encounter tool for our games and the players love it!

Features like a dice roller, custom lighting and even animal familiars have been added as we needed but the potential is much bigger. So now it is online and free to use – just fire it up, start your video call, share your screen and enjoy!

You can see it in action right there, it’s a fairly streamlined editor that lets you create maps, lay out tokens (some are even animated) and get playing. It’s incredible–and you don’t have to download anything or install it, the whole thing runs for free, in your browser. You can, of course, throw some support the creators’ way by heading over to their Patreon, where you’ll get exclusive access to more characters, monsters, companions, effects, props, lighting options, and more.


And you can try the whole thing out right now, just by clicking right here. This tool is super easy to use, and there’s already a growing community around it. It’s still in early stages–there’s no multiplayer yet, so you’ll have to screenshare and one of you take token moving duty–but this is a great “sketching tool” for DMs who want to get encounters going quickly online.

Check out Battlemapp

Check out the Battlemapp Patreon

Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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