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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Dirty Morty and His Boyz

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Feb 11

Goatboy here with my dream list for knocking skulls with the Death Guard. It’s stinky good!

As we get closer to getting vaccinated and the ability to go to an event gets better I have to think – what army will I end up playing?  If you haven’t been reading – I have updated 5 of my armies over the year as well as built 2 new ones where I didn’t have them before.  So the question is – what the heck would I play?

Well – I really like Terminators right now so most likely I will play something along those lines.  I like the idea of having a “smaller” army where I can do some crazy conversions, have a nice cohesive force, and get a chance to throw down with a serious centerpiece model.  This leaves me with the most obvious choice – Death Guard and thus the following Dirty Morty and His Boyz list.

This has been something Abe, my good buddy Brandon, and I have been chatting about.  These two have been friends of mine for – 23 or so years as I originally sold them some Warhammer stuff while I worked at a local comic book shop.  Heck, I have seen these two go from two punk ass kids all the way to actual functioning adults.  One of them isn’t my boss but isn’t far from being my boss too.  It’s crazy how this game can let you create friendships that last a long time. I really miss seeing my 40k friends and hope this next year we get to get out there throwing dice.

Anyway – let’s throw out the list for you to check out.  This list is should let me do some fun stuff, assault really well, and be simple enough for my child addled brain to handle.  These are all the things that need to be built in a list as too many layers of this complex onion means I really lose a game or two trying to get to a “winning” game percentage in an event.

Morty & his Boyz

Supreme Command Detachment – Death Guard (0CP)
Mortarion – Warlord – 490pts


Vanguard Detachment – Death Guard (-3CP)
-Plague Company – The Ferryman

Lord of Virulence – Vicious Death – 130pts

Foul Blightspawn – Virulent Fever, Relic – Revolting Stench Vats, Warlord Trait (-1CP) – The Droning – 95pts
Plague Surgeon – Relic (-1CP) – Fugaris’s Helm – 75pts
Tallyman – Relic (-1CP) – Tollkeeper – 70pts
Blightlord Terminators X 7 – Mixture of Swords/Axes/Combi-Bolters, Flail – 285pts
Blightlord Terminators X 7 – Mixture of Swords/Axes/Combi-Bolters, Flail – 285pts
Blightlord Terminators X 7 – Mixture of Swords/Axes/Combi-Bolters, Flail – 285pts

Foetid Bloatdrone – Fleshmower – 135pts
Foetid Bloatdrone – Fleshmower – 135pts

PTs: 1985pts CP: +6

Putrid Tactics

The idea here is you are using the ability to increase your Aura on the Foul Blightspawn to keep armies from hitting your buddies – you can also increase the aura of the Plague Surgeon as needed as well.  Mortarion would take the Contagion to not allow rerolls as well – so that could be helpful.  I went with 7 X 3 Terminators as it feels fluffy – plus it would let me get my two favorite Daemon Engines into the queue.  This might just be a huge shift to 30 Terminators but this could be fun.  Right now I need to figure out some Terminators – looking at some cool conversions that might show up in a Hobby post – will see what I build.


Will this army work?  Probably – I need to think of the secondaries I can use to get the most out of.  I think I could throw up some banners as I moved up the tabletop too – and I might need to bring the bell man to help me get there faster.  But just so you now – its Rusty because it is Dirty – thus the big old Dirty Morty and his Foggybottom Boys.

What Death Guard Elites do you think are the best?

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