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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Hobby Wishes and Nuln Oil Dreams!

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Feb 15

Goatboy here with a little bit of chatter on some models GW needs to make next.

As much as I would like to throw down right now in a competitive game I still have to wait a bit.  This means that instead of trying to figure out if my math is right I need to look at doing other things to keep me going in this hobby of ours.  This means I am painting a lot – for myself, for clients, and for the stream sometimes.  In some ways it has been lucky in that there isn’t anything super exciting I want to paint right now – or haven’t already painted.  Thus – this list of stuff I wish GW would make so somehow I can satisfy my hobby craving.

Primaris Characters

Give me Primaris characters of everything Space Marines can have.  We need to put the nail in the old marine coffin and give us all the Primaris stuff.  I don’t understand why we didn’t get a Talon Master with the new StormSpeeder.  That should have been a slam dunk piece to add that it would just be awesome.  Could you imaging seeing supe’d up Talon Master flying around, waving a sword like a toddler, and trying to get stuck in?  How about actually giving us a Captain on Bike?  Make it awesome with a ton of extra bits, cool stuff, and other fun things.  While we are at it – give us the Primaris Libbie too or some kind of cool combo kit that houses a ton of character options that can ride the bigger bikes into combat?

Chaos Lieutenants… um Legion Aspring Champions

Of course, I have to talk about Chaos Space Marines and I feel there is a real cool gap they could file by introducing a Chaos Space Marine heroes box – but all the options are different legion Aspiring Champions.  The Aspiring Champion model is alright – it just doesn’t fit any of the legions too well.  The unit is a cool choice and hopefully stays around when the new book rears its misshapen head at some point.  Heck – could you imagine doing something like an Iron Warriors Warp Father model, an Emperor’s Children dualist model, and just an awesome Khorne World Eater?  This would be an easy slam dunk, get a chance to make a bunch of pretty unique sculpts, and give a bone to the hungry CSM fans out there.

Plastic Aspects.. PLEASE!

Eldar… Aspect… Warriors… The new Banshees are pretty boss but where are the others?  I could see some sweet Fire Dragons showing up with Heavy armor and even some weird warp jumping Warp Spyders.  We have heard a lot of chatter that they are done and I am sure the overall numbers of purchased Eldar stuff is keeping them at bay.  It isn’t like it is the most popular army out there with a ton of good players basically being Eldar players 4 life so they usually throw down with their older green-rimmed space elves.

Paging Asdruabel…Line 1

Where the heck is Vect?  We have all these centerpiece models and while he is an ultimate baddie he needs to have a model.  Look at the Silent King and how he floats around with his buddies tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.  Could you see an awesome looking Raider like thing that looks like one of those cool Star Wars desert flyers?  You have some awesome Incubi on top, some other advisors, and even a creepy Haemonculi?  He could just show up as a Supreme commander and bring some much needed “bad” guy energy to the tabletop.

More Centerpieces

Speaking of big bads – we need more monstrous centerpiece nonsense.  From the ideas of building some kind of Tyranid Hive Mother (Dominatrix) thing to finally bringing Fulgrim to the tabletop we need some more high-class amazing centerpiece nonsense.  I have seen a few Archeon’s getting painted and the idea of having more things like that in 40k seems like a cool thing.  Just more amazing centerpieces to lock your army down and build around.  I don’t need them to be super broken – but we have so many amazing Heroes and Villains that having a few more wouldn’t be an issue right?  It would help drive people to some different lists just to get a chance to play?  We can’t all just be playing Green Marines right?

Da Missin Orks

Where the heck is our Ork Weird Boy?  What about some plastic Kommandos?  What about Tank Bustas?  I know Orks are one of the few Xenos that have a plethora of 3rd party kits to create some unique models but I would love to see some legit GW ones.  Also – GW just make a Warboss on a bike.  The FW one is neat – but you could go all out and create a uniquely awesome one on a bike.  Heck make it part of a Nob Biker kit set and just bring back some feelings from 4th and 5th edition when Nob Bikerz were all the rage.

New Daemon Princes

I know I still talked about Chaos – but why don’t we have some unique Chaos Daemon Princes?  We don’t need named Characters – just some unique looking options to lead your armies.  I have made a ton of them – from all kinds of kits but having some be more unique would be awesome.  Even if they just give a new sprue to the existing model with a set of different chest plates to help make the model unique for your own army.  It is a simple thing I would think and just get all the crazy people like myself buying more daemon prince kits.


So what models are you feeling like we need to see on the tabletop?  What are some no-brainer additions that GW could produce to get that hard-earned model money out of your wallet and into their coffers?  I am always feeling something Chaos like but there are so many cool things they could do with Marines or Xenos that just feel like we need to have them come out.  What other insane bad guys could come out of the woodwork to challenge things? I know we are tired of Marines – but whatever Imperial stuff can show up?  I think there is a ton of stuff just waiting to get out there and I just hope GW has them ready to go somewhere in their Vault of cool models.

What’s on your GW model wishlist?

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