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GW Rumor Engine: Buzzard or Vulture?

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Feb 16

I’m not avian expert but this bird is looking ready to pick the meat off the bones regardless if you call it a Buzzard or a Vulture.

Apparently it all depends on what part of the planet you’re from. Either way this new Rumor Engine is here and ready for you to take a guess at what it could be…besides a big ol’bird!

via Warhammer Community

“Usually, a look into the future comes with an associated cost – a cursed wish, a pact with Tzeentch, you know the sort of thing. The Rumour Engine asks for no such payment – simply gaze upon the image it has sent us.”


Whelp….It’s a bird! GW did mention Tzeentch in the post, could it be related to the big blue bird daemon?

I am seeing a resemblance. Long lost cousin perhaps? In any case, the question isn’t so much if this is a vulture, the question is what faction it could be a part of or what model this could be a bit for? The fact that this creature doesn’t have any eyes is also a little disturbing. Could it be for the Age of Sigmar Death or Chaos faction? Sure! Could it be some strange cyber-vulture from the Grimdark Warhammer 40k side of the house? I don’t see any cyber-organs, but we’re only seeing half the bird – so it’s possible.


“We’re more of an Eagle fan in the Imperium”

Whatever faction this one turns out to be for it’s probably going to be creepy. I’m still not quite sure about the eyeless face it has and what’s up with the horn on its beak? Probably some type of mutant bird or twisted warp entity, right? This is Warhammer after-all! That doesn’t make it any less creepy…

So what do you think? Warp-bird daemon spawn or creepy undead ghost vulture? Tell us in the comments!


But what does it want to do today?


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