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Warhammer 40K: New Drukhari Kabalite Warrior Profile Preview

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Feb 8 2021

The Kabalite Warriors of the Drukhari are getting a profile update in their new kits – check out what’s changing!

The first Xenos codex of 2021 is coming soon and the Drukhari are getting some tweaks to make them even more deadly than previous editions. Today we’re getting a short preview of things to come for the new Kabalite Warriors of the Drukhari!

via Warhammer Community


“Pouring from their Raider transports in search of slaves and plunder, Kabalites have always looked to close with their prey, and now they’re even more capable of swift and bloody close combat than before. A quick glance at their digested datasheet shows a crucial extra Attack in their profile, which if you ask us has been a long time coming for these agile and wickedly sharp raiders.”

It’s not just the Kabalite Warriors who are gaining extra attacks either. We also saw the Incubi were getting another swing, too. Call me crazy, but I doubt they are the only ones getting more punching power. This is also not the only change for the Drukhari Warriors. Their guns are getting upgrades as well:

The Splinter Cannon is now Damage 2 per shot. This weapon has the potential of spitting out 6 damage a round. Plus it’s still poisoned so it wounds on 4+. If you’re wondering how these Xenos were planning on keeping up with the Primaris, this is a pretty big hint.


The Drukhari Codex was delayed a bit from the initial release date target. The good news is that it’s still coming. And their new boxes are probably going to hit stores sooner rather than later. So if you’ve been wanting to start a Drukhari army you can start snagging models now. Keep an eye out for the new style boxes to get the latest rules and you’ll be ready to go when the new codex does arrive from the warp!

The Raiders from the Dark City are coming to take you away…

Author: Adam Harrison
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