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Iron Man’s Mark XXI Armor Has the Midas Touch

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Feb 23 2021

Iron Man’s golden armor shines brightly and is ready for any fight.

The Mark XXI aka Midas was one of the suits Stark built after the initial assembling of The Avengers and debuted in Iron Man 3. It’s based off the Mark VII and features plating made out of enriched gold titanium alloy, making it one of the more visually flashy armored suits in Stark’s collection. It was one of the suits that came to Stark and Rhodey’s aid in the final battle with Aldrich Killian.


This 12.5″ tall fig has diecast metal parts and specially applied metallic paint to bring out the utmost shine. It also has white light LEDs in the helmet, hands, and chest. It’s a striking piece. It’s shipping now, so you won’t have to wait.


Iron Man Mark XXI (Midas) – $405

  • Approximately 12.5″ (32.5 cm) tall
  • Over 30 points of articulations
  • A helmeted head with LED light-up function
  • Contains diecast material
  • Special features on armor:
    • Interchangeable shoulder, forearm, thigh armors
    • Detachable forearm rockets
  • Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands
  • Articulations on waist armor which allow flexible movement
  • Articulated flaps at the back of armor on legs



Author: Mars Garrett
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