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Joss Whedon’s ‘The Nevers’ Brings Steampunk Supes to HBO

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Feb 4 2021

While we wait for the X-Men and Fantastic 4 to show up, HBO is offering a tale of some peculiar mutants in another century.

The Nevers is set during the last years of Victoria’s reign. London becomes the home to extraordinary beings called ‘The Touched.’ Each of them has experienced a ‘turn’ that has given them abilities and skills beyond those of mere mortals – some charming and some are disturbing. A group of these beings led by Amalia True, a quick-fisted widow, and a brilliant young inventor named Penance Adair find themselves on a mission that has the possibility of changing the world.


I’m going to make a guess that this is something you’ll like if you’re a Carnival RowPenny Dreadful, and/or The Magicians fan – for the mix of period and weird, supernatural happenings. Or if you’re a Buffy fan. The show is a Joss Whedon creation – it’s his first original series in nearly 12 years.

“There were a lot of stories that I was dancing around, and enough of them were Victorian. I just love that era, I love that stuff, it’s fascinating to me. Particularly, the end of the century, when the world was just about to shift radically. Those are always fascinating things to me. And so I realized at some point that I didn’t wanna tell a story about a person, that I wanted to tell a story that was… this is gonna sound like I’m puffing me up, but Dickensian. That was like, where I can talk about society as a whole through a bunch of people’s interactions and through their adventures.”

Laura Donnelly stars as Amalia True, Anne Skelly as Penance Adair, and  Rochelle Neil as Annie Carbey/Bonfire. 

The Nevers premieres on HBO and HBOMax this April.


Author: Mars Garrett
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