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Let’s Play D&D With Godzilla and Kong

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Feb 3 2021
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This week’s sheets are larger than life as we try to figure out how to fit Godzilla and King Kong at the D&D table discuss see which would defeat the other.

Two of the monster-verse’s most famous creatures have been making the headlines recently as Godzilla vs. Kong gets closer, so why not take the opportunity to figure out how we can wedge these behemoths at into the next D&D session.


Sheet Made On The Homebrewery

Godzilla is based really heavily on the already known and loved Dungeons and Dragons monsters…. the dragons. Between killer bites, claws, tails, and breath weapons, dragons have so much of the roadmap to a good Godzilla mapped out and perfected for you already. I spent a little time thinking about what kind of breath weapon he would have though. Fire made sense and would work, but the atomic and radioactive nature of Godzilla’s backstory and his breath weapon made me think that necrotic damage would be more apropos. I also wanted to give him a way to regenerate, but mid battle didn’t seem right to me in this case. Instead retreating a taking a quick ocean nap felt like a good compromise because it’s usually feasible but not always easy for a monster like this to retreat back into the water for a little bit. But if you let him get away, he may be back at a hundred percent next time.


Sheet Made On The Homebrewery

You may notice that lots of things about Godzilla and King Kong are similar, from the hit points to resistance, multiattack, and frightful presence, there are a lot of qualities about these monsters that are very comparable. I wanted them to be on almost equal footing because they should be about equally difficult monsters for an adventuring party to take on, but also their upcoming movie has them going toe to toe and coming up fairly evenly matched. While they they both have high charisma (because they’re terrifying) and strength, King Kong has a much higher dexterity than Godzilla due to his ability to climb buildings and hop around with much more grace than the lumbering lizard. Kong is also more likely to grab and attempt to immobilize or throw you than Godzilla, but he doesn’t have anything similar to a breath weapon.


As a player, I think either of these monsters could be fun and challenging to take on at the table, but head to head, I think they would be fairly evenly matched. In the end I may have to give the edge to Godzilla because of his ability to sneak off for a quick hit point regaining nap, but we’ll have to check in later this year when Godzilla vs Kong comes out to see for sure.


How would you make Godzilla and King Kong for Dungeons and Dragons? Who would you root for in this fight and who do you think would win? Which are your favorite Godzilla and King Kong movies respectively? Let us know in the comments!


Happy Adventuring!

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